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Beetlejuice screenwrite

The beginning of the film starts out with a camera overlooking the whole town of which this movie is going to take place. As the credits end, the camera ends up focused on a large house on a hill. You can clearly tell that the house is made up of some sort of material, but it was used as a way to introduce one of the main characters. A spider crawls up on top of the model house and in comes Adam. The first thing he does is carelessly pick up this massive spider as if it where one of his pets and carries it to a window where he releases it.

Right off the bat you could tell hat this man is kind to nature and very gentle with the way he handled the spider. In comes his wife, Barbara, who is filled with Joy and love. Their mutual understanding of each other makes them love each other more and more. They both hear something come from outside and realize that it is a house bidder trying to sell their home to people that are more ” deserving” of it. This house bidder assumes that because Just two people are living in a large home by themselves that it is irrational for them to agree to sell it.

The one thing that both Adam and Barbara share is their eagerness to keep their home. The couple denies the house bidder and then drives into town to pick up some supplies. Looking at the surroundingenvironmentmakes it obvious that Adam and Barber’s home is the focal point of the town. Adam leaves his car to go in the store to get the supplies, when he realizes that the clerk isn’t at the front desk he takesmoneyout of his pocket and puts it into the cash register himself. This again, exemplifies the honesty of this man.

On the drive back home, they see a dog in the road and Barbara quickly swerves off the road crashing into a wooden bridge that is completely unstable. Their car ends up falling into a river and the scene cuts. They end up back at their house but do not realize how they got there. After very bizarre things occur to them, they start to question what has happened. They find a book titled ” book for the Deceased” and realize that they have in fact died. The first conflict comes into play when they are trying to adjust or figure out why they cannot step out of their own house.

The character Betelgeuse is introduced and although we do not get a full view of him we figure out what type of character he is. Betelgeuse is a ruthless and mean person. He seems like the type that has no problem in taking advantage of you. From the start, you can foreshadow that this character will be a conflict of interest later on in the film. The movie then switches to the newfamilythat has began to move into the now vacant house. The door to the house slams open and large amounts of furniture are being moved in.

It’s as if the writer of this movie wanted the audience to feel like the house was being torn down and re-done from the ground up. First is Delia, who is a red haired woman, and the first impression is that she is a stuck up, conceited, but neat and tidy person. She takes pride in her pieces of artwork even though they’re clearly not well done. Then there is her husband Charles, who is the influential and uptight dad that is searching for seamlessly deserving relaxation. The Daughter is introduced as a disturbed and rebellious gothic girl.

You could tell by the way she admires the houses cob webs and are ghosts living in her new home. Deli’s assistant, is a very feminine character that is oblivious and careless with his actions. He acts as a big shot and talks like one too. Both Delia and her assistant share a mutual outlook with how things should be. When Barbara and Adam realize that new people have moved into their house they come furious and want to drive them out. This is another conflict introduced in the movie and it depicts the click© of ghosts trying to haunt people.

Adam and Barbara try scaring the new house owners but realize they aren’t doing a good Job at it. The ignorance these two characters have pushes them to learn more about who they are and the new abilities they have as Ghosts. The way this screenwriter set up the characters along with the conflicts really creates a good buildup, thus making the movie more enjoyable and fun. There are multiple conflicts, which make the viewer wonder how each one of them is going to be resolved.

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