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United Nations General Assembly Resolution 65/166 General Assembly Resolution – An impression The United Nations established at New York in the United States of America in its revised venture from the time span of 6 to 8 December 2000 with the initiation of the new millennium has opted towards the attainment of a foundation of more peaceful, prosperous as well as a just globe with the notion of perfect harmony organization. The proponents of the assembly resolution are destined towards the attainment of sovereign equality of all States with respect for territorial integrity with political independence and the respect for equal rights and basic freedom to all irrespective of the race, sex, language, and religion along with the cooperation of the international arena (United Nations, General Assembly, 1).
Crux of the resolution 65/166
The underlying agenda which is reflected out through the resolution of 65/166 is that of the culture. The human beings must possess the fundamentals which would be directed towards the unified respect for varied belief, culture, as well as religions. Tolerance should be geared up in every phase without fear repression and should be subjected as a valuable asset of humanity with the active promotion of the same (United Nations, General Assembly, 2). The resolution cab be viewed as an apex tool for the rejuvenating the importance of culture on the process of sustainable development at a juncture when the international actors in the development trajectory are focusing on the assessment of gaps in achieving certain objectives subjected to the promotion in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable development and summit on the Millennium Development Goals in the year 2015. The resolution moved in favor of the accumulation of relevant data and raw information sets for the purpose of demonstrating the impact of culture on the social, as well as the economic well being of the people and the societies with the formulation of national, as well as international policy ramifications. The resolution also directed towards broader mainstreaming of the culture in to the United Nations Development Assistance Framework within the field of culture and development within the recently signed MOU (memorandum of understandings) by UNESCO and the World Bank. The resolution has also opened dimensions for all the entities of the United Nations in the understanding of the correlation between culture and sustainable development with the infusion of development of indicators, statistics and that of optimal acquisition policies. The resolution leads the way of analyzing the qualitative impact of culture on the welfare dynamics for the potential of the human rights based culture approaches for fostering the sustainable peace and development. In this respect, the UNDP in its Human Development Report could be encouraged for reflecting the qualitative impact on the culture and on the human development and also for the integration of culture based data into the development index. The resolution also offers to the operationalization of the culture and development approach initiated under the projects funded by the Millennium Development goals. The resolution also directs towards the invitation of UNESCO for looking into the collaborations with all the institutions in enhancing the quantitative, as well as qualitative attributes for the purpose of sustainable development. The resolution, thus, unfurls the trajectory for the establishment of a platform for the infusion of the harmony among the international field (United Nations Resolution, 10-21).
Work Cited
United Nations, General Assembly. 2000. Web. August 17, 2012 http://www. un. org/millennium/declaration/ares552e. pdf

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