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Profile Due to the increased number of firms in the modern day society, need has arouse to have good interviewing and vetting exercise of the potential employees to achieve the best and reliable work force (Byers, 4). Potential employees are required to fit in the firm according to the firm’s requirements and the intended performance taking in to consideration the set company wages. Since human resource management has been used to vet most of the employees joining a firm, there has been an influx on non-genuine firms to help in the evaluation and vetting of potential employees. Whenever there is an increases job demand, the appropriate supply should be available to compensate for the vacant jobs. International based business entities have come up with strategies to include vetting firms to interview their employees. This has led to establishment in vetting organizations such as the one i serve. The interviewing process is there to satisfy both the company and the employee who is chosen by having him/her understand what the job requires. A clear job description serves motivational purposes and helps have the company get the best performance from employees straight from day one of the job. Job description is a list of the required job qualifications or skills and salary range used by the interviewer in order come up the best-fit employee for the available position (Byers, 24). I being a human resource officer I was offered a job by a startup engineering company known as Liska engineering company. The company is located in the outcasts of New York City. I was required to interview a number of individuals and come up with an individual who best fitted the position of a civil engineer. The company provided me with a few basics on the kind of employee they looking forward to work with in projects that required civil engineering skills and technical knowhow. The job had its fair share of challenges considering that I had no applicable knowledge in the field of engineering. I got the job two weeks before the set date of interviewing this allowed opportunity for me to peruse a few journals relating to engineering. I interviewed a number of individuals and one interesting case among the many was these engineer Alfred Gachua. He was an engineer with roots from Africa although he had accessed an education from the best of institutions with his first degree from the Harvard University. Alfred had graduated top of his class and had one of his referees a senior professor in Harvard university recommend him as a creative mind that would be resourceful and make great contributions in engineering given the right kind of challenge. He had a very appealing curriculum vitae ranging from his education background to relevant job experiences. The curriculum vitae also reflected that during the summer holidays he worked with other major companies on contract basis (Byers, 45). During the interviewing exercise, I noted that he had a unique personality compared to the individuals. His first impression was a man confident of his ideology and not restrained within his education limits. He appeared to be an individual ready to work in any geographical location, department and able to relate with his colleagues both in social and official capacity. He presented himself as a very neat person and my opinion he could represent the company’s image to the outside world. He also had an added advantage over the other interviewees due to his cross-cultural programs. His knowledge on the most popular cultures enhances his potential to work in different parts of the country. According to his curriculum vitae, he was fluent in German, mandarin, French and Arabic. This language advantage meant that he could pursue contracted opportunities in various nations within different continents, and serve as a company representative to forums in such regions. He appeared to be a very daring person who could challenge any opinion that he was not conversant with an intention to learn more from people (Byers, 52). This made him an interesting employee who was ready to learn despite of his stunning qualifications understood him as a very passionate individual who had big dreams he intended to achieve but still repaint his image as a person who could not engage in impunity. He had a great respect for the engineering field. According to the job description list offered to me by the company he would work best within such framework defined by the firm and even beyond. According to my opinion, Alfred was not comparable to any other interviewees who I interviewed. Clearly, this was reflected by his personality and qualifications, which portrayed him as the best suited for the job title. I presented my report and a comprehensive profile of this interviewee alongside other documents that backed up my judgment to the board of the firm (Byers, 58). Works Cited Byers, Ann. Great resume, application, and interview skills. New York: Rosen Pub., 2008. Print.

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