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Worlds religion

World’s Religion The ” world” with all its adversities and having ” man” as a rational being, had lead to a quest for a better life. In his struggle towards it, man encounters the thought that there must be someone or something that could help him achieve that. That then arises to his belief in a superior being, God, a powerful authority that had created him and the world therefore the only one that could help him achieve his goal. Because man is a social being, with that same goal, had manage to form religion. Man’s individuality had caused the sprout of several religions then eventually to sects and other smaller groups. Despite their differences, still there’s the basic ideology shared by the world’s religions. But what has made few of these religions stand out Let me have a very brief insight on how each of them had managed to be so.
Christianity, being the largest religion, offers salvation as its primary attraction. Having ” Jesus Christ” as its primary human influence, it shows the way for man to end his mortal sufferings. With the promise of liberation form sickness, poverty, isolation and all the possible torments, it had appeal to many. They had made the ” Bible” as a historically reliable source comprehensible, making its proliferation easy. It had draw allot of ordinary people, as it deals with moral intuitions in a basic view of what is good and evil. Its success is not merely on the religious level though, for it has established a realm of mutual social support for the members that joined its church. It offers sense of belonging, for to be part of the church, is to belong to a society of closely knit friends, brothers and sisters and Christ, and it may be something as simple as that that spells the basis of its success in the Roman world (1). Its constant mission to build a community had lead to the rise of a massive movement called Christianity.
Islam as the second largest religion, have manage to attract a number almost as close to that of Christianity. Likewise, it has such reliable source, the ” Koran” and has one great inspirational influence ” Mohammad”, though it has some differences with its approach. Its clear and logical principles served one of its greatest attractions, being consistent, cohesive, and very positive. Unfortunately, there have been many misconceptions about the forcing of Islam on other peoples. Muslim conquerors were very lenient with other religions especially with Judaism and later Christianity. Islam has reached every corner of the world and even Muhammad has been regarded the most influential person in history (2).
Buddhism has been considered a world religion. Like the two, it offers practicality that manages to attract people. Though it does not has a belief in personal god, it still capture the heart of its people by allowing them to appreciate life.
These three religion had manage to attract such great deal of followers for it adheres not just to man’s spiritual needs as it offers relevant and practical ways to do so. Other religions somehow offer complexities with their absurd and irrational practices. Others offer no clarity making it unreliable. Others introduce so many gods, making vague. One good reason why these three religions had become so vast is that they have managed to stick to its purpose which is to have faith to live a good life and celebrate it.
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