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Will job be exported? assignment

Compare elements, compounds and mixtures. Apply the Law of Conservation of Matter to balance chemical equations and solve simple geochemistry problems. Determine atomic structure and chemical properties of elements from their position in the periodic table. Perform conversions involving concentration of solutions. Draw the Lewis Structure and determine the shape and polarity of a simple compound from its formula. Identify simple inorganic compounds by formulas and names. Identify acids and bases, acidic and basic solutions and calculate PH. 9.

Demonstrate ability to carry out simple laboratory experiments using common Heimlich measuring devices and safety precautions. Topics: Chemistry and Scientific Method. Scientific notation and significant figures. Metric system, SSL unit and unit conversion. Matter and energy. Liquid, solid and intermolecular forces. Atoms, elements, and periodic table. Electrons, model of atoms. Chemical bonding and Lewis structure. VESPER Nomenclature. Chemical composition. Chemical reactions. Quantities in Chemical Reactions. Solution military, dilution and geochemistry. Acids and bases.

We will be covering chapters 1-10, 12-14 of the textbook. There will be some topics in the textbook that will not be covered in lecture. You will not be tested on this material. There may also be a few topics that are not in the book that I will cover in lecture. You are responsible for this material. Getting ready prerequisites: ENGLE 0305 or ENGLE 0365 and ENGLE 0307 or ENGLE 0375 or higher level course (ENGLE 1301) or placement by testing, MATH 0308 or qualifying score on Math placement test Required Material: Introductory Chemistry: 5th Edition by Invalid Trot Pearson ISBN-O-321-91029-5 Optional Materials or Reference Texts: 1 .

Safety (splash) goggles. Students working in the lab must have eye protection on at all times. Splash goggles must have side shields. Eye glasses are not adequate for laboratory work. Closed toed shoes are required for all lab work. Students in sandals will NOT be allowed to work in the lab. Clothing needs to cover body areas from elbows to knees. NO shorts or sleeveless tank tops. 2. Scientific calculator Instructor guidelines and policies Attendance: Attendance to all classes is expected. Your success in this class is based on a cumulative understanding of the material.

Should you miss a class, you are compromising your ability to understand future material. You are thereby hindering your ability to succeed in this class. Since each of us learns by our own unique processes, borrowing notes from another student is not an adequate substitute for class attendance. If, however you should miss a class, it is your responsibility to obtain lecture notes and assignments from another student. I will NOT provide handouts from prior classes. Assignments: Chemistry is NOT a spectator sport. In order to learn this subject you MUST work problems.

You should ark all the problems that are part of your chapter and enough end of chapter problems to ensure that you are comfortable with the material. They provide a good measure of your understanding of the material. If you have trouble with problems, please ask for assistance. Make-up Exams/Quizzes: There will be NO make-up for missed quizzes. The lowest two grades will not be counted towards your final grades, so students may miss two quizzes without penalty. A grade of zero will be entered for each additional quiz that is missed. There will be a total 4 tests plus final exams.

Best 3 of those 4 tests plus final exam will be counted towards your final grade. One missed test will not affect your final grades. If a student missed additional semester tests for acceptable, documented reasons, he or she will be given the opportunity to take makeup tests. Students should contact the instructor prior to missing a scheduled examination in-person or by email. All make-up exams will be administered in the College Assessment Center. Computers: Students are permitted to use computers during class for note-taking and other class-related work only.

Those using computers during class for work not elated to that class must leave the classroom for the remainder of the class period. Cell phones: The use of cell phones, smart phones, or other mobile communication devices is disruptive, and is therefore prohibited during class. Except in emergencies, those using such devices must leave the classroom for the remainder of the class period. Please place your mobile communication one silent while in class. Make-Up Labs: There will be NO make-up labs. Lab reports and/or worksheets will NOT be accepted from students who did not attend the lab.

Students may miss one lab without penalty. A grade of zero will be entered for each additional lab that is missed. Department/Division Contact: Department Chair: Allen Margarita 281-291-3761 Dean of Instruction: Mark Curtis-Chives, 281-290-2862 Your semester grade will be based on a combination of tests, quizzes and laboratory assignments. There will be four semester tests on the dates indicated in the class schedule. There will also be at least six pop quizzes. Your best (n-2) scores will be used to calculate your quiz average.

So if there are exactly 6 quizzes, the average of your best 4 scores would comprise your quiz average. If there are 8 quizzes then the best 6 scores will be used to calculate your quiz average. Should you miss one quiz, the missed quiz will be assigned a grade of zero and this will be one counted as one of the dropped scores. If you miss two quizzes these two will be your dropped scores. If you miss more than two quizzes, the assigned zero will impact your quiz average and all completed quizzes will contribute to your quiz average. Laboratory assignments are due one week after completion of the laboratory.

Your laboratory score will be computed using your best n-l lab report grades. In other words, the lowest lab grade will be dropped. If you miss a lab you will be assigned a grade of zero for the missed lab. If you only miss one lab this will constitute your dropped score and all other labs will contribute to your lab average. Labs for which a report is required will be specified in class. While you will work collaboratively in lab and are expected to discuss your results with other students, each student must submit their own completed lab report.

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