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Why nobody likes school

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Waking up in the morning for stuents is one of the hardest things not only because you have to wake up early, but you have a day ahead of having to sit down in a quiet room and everybody is taking notes and then the next day comes along and is the same and the next day too, so from this perspective you get to understand why students hate school, but if you look at it in a different perspective because what is I told you school could sound not as bad as it seems. School could be a place where all your friends go and you are able to learn new things that you could ever imagine, school could be that place where you rather be than home, but if school could be like vacations then what is it that makes it seem like hell. Well in my opinion it is this thing called homework because school would not be that bad if you did not have to do another 3 hours of homework after you did 7.

I believe that homework is necessary, but I also believe teachers do not realize you have homework from other teachers and the homework adds up, and you end up sleeping 3 hours because the teacher decided to give an essay. I believe we can all relate to that. I believe that if teachers were able to reduce the homework schools might turn into a better place and not only that maybe even students could learn more and enjoy

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