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Why do we have pets

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It’s a very interesting question …. actually having pets can be wonderful , rewarding experience .. they teach you a lot of things >> they make you loyal and the teach you about friendship we can see that most of the people who have pets their relationship with their pets showed them how two people should be friends , it’s the first of building blocks to having a great pet and owner friendship.

Having pets also teach you responsibility and how to take care of others because pets needs care, nutrition, and attention. I think that it is not right to buy a living being that will depend on you, and make it suffer because of your lack of responsibility.

You can learn more and have more information about animals if have a pet because you will be forced to read books or to watch animal shows to know if your pet was hungry what you should feed it … or if it was injured or sick how you should deal with the situation and a lot of other things Having pets is wonderful and will change your life because if you were bored or sad or under stress just go and play with your pet for 5 minutes and you will feel relax and relief and happy

You will also feel that you became more healthy when you have pet because every week you must take your pet for a walk and walking is the best sport and its very healthy So at the end I want to say that the effects of having pets are truly rewarding if people just submit to the true meaning of having a pet ………. People of all ages can benefit from the experiences of just being around animals

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