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MAGGOTS, Marketing Research Winter, 2014 draft 12. 3 Professor: Carl Oberlin (Bigot 51 1,[email protected]Due). Office Hours: Before and after class or by appointment. Class: Tuesday and Thursday, 10. 15-12. 20, IPPP Text: Exploring Marketing Research, 10th edition, Sigmund and Bambini, ISBN-13: 978-0-324-59376-1. The book has been ordered at the SSL bookstore; but, encourage you to shop on-line. You do not need the qualities. Com card or the DVD.

If you are on a tight budget, earlier editions will suffice; even a different marketing research textbook. Other materials will be made available via the angel website; students should register immediately: HTTPS://angel. Seattle. Due/angel/default. Asp Students are expected to complete all the assigned reading before the relevant class session. Course Description and Objectives MAGGOTS is a survey of marketing research. This course is a required elective for marketing majors.

The course covers basic principles of scientific method, research designs and methodologies, and analysis tests. The course will require use of survey research software available free to all US students at qualities. Com. The course will consist of a variety of teaching and learning activities, including short lectures, in-class exercises, internet-based interactions, and individual and group projects. Lectures are video-recorded and available on- line.

Students view the lectures outside of class. Class time is spent reviewing the lecture material and problem-solving. The “ flipped class” format (recorded lectures outside of class and problem solving in the class) works to the extent that students do the assigned work outside of class. The principle learning objectives are mastery of the content and techniques covered in the ours and enhancement Of critical and analytical thinking and problem solving.

Grading Survey project 150 Class participation 450 Mid-term exam 1 200 Mid-term exam 2 A 950+ A- 900-949 B+ 850-899 8800-849 B- 750-799 C+ 700-749 CHIC-699 Evaluation The variety of evaluation measures are intended to capture a representative sample of student learning and to assess different styles of learning, ranging from objective memory and comprehension of basic terms and principles to analytical problem solving, individual and team performance, and written and spoken communication. The exams will cover all the readings and in-class activities.

They will comprise objective questions and problems designed to assess understanding of the basic terms and concepts and short essay questions designed to assess critical thinking, problem solution, and application of the concepts. The second exam will focus on material from the second half of the course but will, perforce, require application of some of the principles from the first half. Survey project. The survey project is a group project, requiring one group paper and, perhaps, a recorded presentation. Details on the project are revived separately. Articulation in the project will be evaluated anonymously by group members, and individual grades may reflect those peer judgments. Class Participation reflects homework, attendance and contributions to class discussions, in-class exercises, and all assignments posted on angel. Pop quizzes are a possibility; if so, they are included in class participation. Attendance is required, on-time and full-time. You are responsible for all homework assignments, regardless of class attendance. The target is for the graded class work and homework to count for 350 points.

The 100 points for class participation will be assigned based on a qualitative assessment of participation in class work. Up to 10 points of extra credit are available for a report from an article or story in current news that involves questionable research. The questionable aspects may be any of the issues from the course, for example, improper or unclear problem statement, improper sample, inappropriate design, wrong or unwarranted conclusions. Numerous examples will be provided in class. “ In the News” reports must be submitted by the 8th week.

Use the following dude: Citation–title, author, source (journal, newspaper, program, URL, whatever–enough information that one could find the item) Summary–fewer than 1 00 words Identification of the questionable aspect of the research and explanation of why it is questionable. Skill in writing and teamwork (and, in teams, leadership) are two objectives, common to nearly all courses. We will not have time to focus on learning these skills, but students will have opportunities to practice and improve and are expected to meet appropriate standards.

Minimal standards are as follows: Writing 100% correct spelling 9% correct usage good-excellent readability-? organization, style, vocabulary correct structure-? typically dictated in the assignment Teamwork respect and courtesy for all team members attendance, prepared, to all meetings clear understanding of individual responsibility completion of all assigned responsibilities support for other team members that helps them improve their own contributions completion of peer evaluation forms communication with instructor regarding any team problems that cannot be resolved Boilerplate Academic Resources Library and Learning Commons (http://whom. Attlee. Du/lawrencium’s/) (This includes: Learning Assistance Programs, Research [Library] Services, Writing Center, Math Lab) Academic Integrity Tutorial (found on Angel and SIS Online) Academic Policies on Registrar website (HTTPS://www. Seattle. Du/registrar/ academics/performance/) Academic Integrity Policy Academic Grading Grievance Policy Professional Conduct Policy (only for those professional programs to which it applies) Disabilities: If you have, or think you may have, a disability (including an ‘ invisible disability’ such as a learning disability, a chronic health problem, or a mental health condition) that interferes with your performance as a student in this class, you are encouraged to arrange support services and/or accommodations through Disabilities Services staff in the Learning Center, Loyola 1 00, (206) 296-5740.

Disability-based adjustments to course expectations can be arranged only through this process. Notice for students concerning Disabilities : Bayou have, or think you may have, a disability (including an ‘ invisible disability such as a learning disability, a chronic health problem, or a mental health condition) that interferes with our performance as a student in this class, you are encouraged to arrange support services and/or accommodations through Disabilities Services staff located in Loyola 1 00, (206) 296-5740.

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