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Wearable technology

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Wearable Technology al Affiliation) Definition According to Glatter, wearable technology includes electronic devices, accessories and clothing that employ computerized services for aesthetic and functional uses to the user (Glatter, 2014).
The initial types of wearable technology were developed by technology intensive companies such as Apple and Google and are responsible for the current technological advancements and innovations being made. The original types of wearable technology include fitness trackers, smart glasses, clothing technology and watches. Currently, more advanced forms of the first generation wearable technology are being developed coupled with new additions such as smart eye wear.
Market share
In terms of developing smart eyewear, the companies that have the biggest market share include Sony, Google and Apple companies. In the luxury smart watch market, the biggest competitors include Apple and Gucci companies. The clothing technology market is comprised of Smart Clothing Company in Taiwan, Kolon Glotech Inc. in South Korea.
Fitness Trackers-Fitbit Charge, Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks, Neonman, smart sweatshirts
Watches-Apple smart watch, Gucci wrist-wear
Clothing Technology
Smart glasses-Google Glass
Smart eyewear
Google Glass can be used to capture and view videos and photos, access online apps, read personal emails and access other online users.
Google Glass can also be used to preview presentations for work related assignments.
Courtesy of Livestream, Google Glass promotes virtual work environments and employee connectivity.
Google Glass is used by fire departments to access crucial information.
Apple’s smart glass will be used to collect unscripted data.
Smart watches can be used as fitness trackers
Smart watches are employed for monitoring patients with critical illnesses.
Smart watches are used to edit persona calendars, retrieve emails, make and receive calls.
Fitness trackers are very convenient for exercising (waterproof and use of cutting edge technology).
Smart clothing can be used for protecting workers from electromagnetic shock, tracking fitness levels, improving nighttime visibility
Use of smart glasses could lead to privacy issues
Use of smart glasses when driving could compromise public safety.
Smart watch screens are easily damaged
Smart watch batteries have a very short shell life.
Smart watches are susceptible to intrusion by hackers.
Smart clothing items are Impersonal for daily use.
Inaccuracy problems with fitness trackers.
Reference List
Glatter, Robert. (2014). “ Wearable Technology And Digital Healthcare Strategies Should Shift Focus To Chronic Medical Illness.” Forbes Magazine.

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