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Video game

The history of computer games can be dated back from 1952 when A. S. Douglas worte his PhD degree at the University of Cambridge on Human-Computer Interraction. Douglas first created the first graphical computer game-a version of Tic-Tac-Toe. The game was programmed on an EDSAC vaccuum-tube computer, which had a cathode ray tube display. Jumping to the new generation, there are lots of computer games to choose from; computers are now more portable, cheaper and more affordable compared to their predecessors which is why almost everyone of the people can have one.

Because of this, computer shops emerged at every corner of the streets attracting customers of every age since the price for going to one is just cheap. Also, the development of more graphical games hooked more and more customers especially the youth. A study shows that 5 to 10% of youth(in the Philippines) who play computer games get addicted to it.

Generally, any form of addiction has its own consequences. In an interview by The Kernel, a gamer codenamed Leo testified: “ I would not inflict this game upon anyone.” He later said in the interview that he spends 12 hours a day in front of the computer screen, sometimes even longer. But his story is not unusual. Internet forums like olganon (Online Gamers Anonnymous) show cases where in lives of some gamers are lost – literally. On 2005, a South Korean man died after a reported 50-hour video gaming session and in 2012, a Taiwanese man was found dead on his gaming chair, arms outstreched for his computer. We would not want that to happen to anyone. BBC Online News even reported that a Chinese father named Mr. Feng hired “ virtual assassins” to hunt down and kill his son’s avatar as a way of stopping his son’s video game addiction.

Personally, my partner in making this study and I are not struggling with the addiction of gaming that is why it sparks up our interest as to why people, mostly from our generation get addicted to computer games. In the game of Diablo, the small chance of getting treasure for every monster one kills is what makes the game addictive. Gamers hope that the reward they are waiting for is just lying around a corner. This “ reward” plays a part in the psychology of addiction making gamers be familiar with the phrase:“ ten more minutes”. Online games like the World of Warcraft feature massive worlds. So massive that one is not very strong by himself. So most people join guilds to achieve more within their virtual life. In the end, more people join guilds, more people get addicted.

We are yet to find out some of the causes of computer game addiction as we go further in this study but computer game addiction is not yet recognized as a formal diagnosis which is why it does not have a clear set of diagnostic criteria. That is why some inconsistencies in this field of research is unavoidable. Which is also why the survey questionnaires be as objective as possible.

The force is growing rapidly. With the hobby of gaming becoming a sickness, can the members of the force become battlers of the force? Can the force grow even larger? How can it be stopped? Can it even be stopped?

Statement of the Problem

The study will be done to find out the reasons students get addicted to computer games by answering the following questions: 1)What games are the students addicted to? 2)What are the reasons students get addicted to computer games? 3)What are the effects of being addicted?

Hypothesis of the Study

The hypothesis will be formulated based on the problem of the study. Students get addicted to games that stir up their imagination. Students get addicted to computer games because they find fulfillment in things that are not normally seen or experienced. Being addicted to computer games affects one academically, mentally and physically in a negative way.

Definition of Terms The Special Force – the number of people that are addicted to computer games Hooked- attracted, lured

The study will be conducted in the campus of H. O. P. E. Christian Academy. The history of H. O. P. E. Christian Academy as written by Bea Mandapat, just started with three classrooms, three teachers, no shuttle and an empty forest lot. But after all the trials and with the miraculous works of God, the school has become what is now known to be – a four-storey school building, a total of 802 students 41 teachers and 34 administrative and support staff.

The number of students in HCA getting addicted to computer games are growing. This addiction reaches even the younger students. That is why my partner and I would want to conduct a study regarding computer game addiction and the force of computer game addicts in HCA. We want to show through this study the negative effects of computer game addiction to students. This study is important because the scope of the study is experienced through out the world.

Objective survey questionnaires will be used in gathering data for the study. The kind of games, the reason students play computer games, the gender and other questions about the personal background of the respondent composes the questionnaire. Permission from the administrator will be requested for the distribution of the questionnaires. The questionnaires will be then copied and instructions will be given on how to answer it. The questionnaires will be collected and sorted and the data gathered will be administered to statistical analysis.

The respondents will be from the highschool students of HCA since they are of higher comprehension and little assistance is needed in answwering the questionnaires.

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