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Veterinary medicine assignment

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I knew I wanted to work with animals and did not want to have a dull office lob. ” Dry. Banterer had his mind set on becoming a veterinarian In high school and he was prepared to do Just that. Although It takes a lot of schooling to become a vet, he still decided to go for It. Most colleges require a degree In the science field as a prerequisite to get Into vet school. The majority of colleges require a degree In Biology, Zoology, Physics, or Biochemistry. Some other common prerequisites are a degree in Organic Chemistry or Microbiology. L majored in Microbiology before I got onto vet school. ” All together, it takes eight years of college to get a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Dry. Banterer also commented: Eight years of college was not easy, in fact, it was very tough, but I put my mind to it and worked hard to get where I am now. I can remember my high school counselor telling me that he did not think I had the skill set to become a veterinarian and recommended that I look into a smaller degree or think about a different Job field; let’s Just say that I proved him wrong.

There are many colleges and universities that offer a veterinary medicine program in he united States, but that does not mean it will be any easier to get into vet school. Dry. Banterer told me: I personally went to Kansas State University for my generals and also applied and got into the vet school. It is very competitive and a lot of people apply, but not many actually get accepted. Vet schools are looking for students that have a passion and are not Just in it for the money.

They have to really want the Job and genuinely want to help animals. You can be one of the smartest students in your class, but if you interview to get into vet school and they do not see hat you have a true passion for the Job, you will not get in. When you hear Dry. Bill Banterer say “ being a veterinarian can be pretty stressful at times”, he means It. Dry. Banterer told me: I like being a veterinarian, but some days, my Job can be really tough on me and can get really stressful.

One day every week I spend all day performing surgeries on animals. I have to stand at the surgery table all day and only get to take a break and sit down at lunch. Other days I spend the day seeing pets, examining them, and setting up appointments for pets that have to be seen again. Although being a veterinarian has Its challenges, there are some positive aspects of the job and some benefits such as having great knowledge of animals and being able to take great care of your own pet at home.

For many vets, they also see helping lots of different animals as another benefit of being a veterinarian. I asked Dry. Banterer what he likes about his Job and he agreed. “ l enjoy helping animals and getting to see different kinds of pets. You never know what may come through the Banterer. Dry. Banterer has seen many abnormal things come into the veterinary clinic in his 28 years as a vet. L have seen anything from cats with extra toes to bull cows with horns that are growing, but are not attached to their skull. Overall, he sees himself as lucky to have his Job and is grateful that he is where he is today. “ l enjoy work most of time and I am lucky that I work with a lot of great people and hard workers. ” I asked Dry. Banterer what advice he would give a student thinking about going into veterinary medicine. “ Make sure it is really what you want to do and prepare yourself for the hard work. ” A veterinarian’s Job is not easy and getting there is difficult also, but in the end, it all pays off.

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