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Us navy and ethics essay examples


Ethics are described as those standards by which an individual, institution or organization should act supported by value. Values are considered as the core or inner beliefs including integrity that generally helps motivate individual’s attitudes and also their actions, honor and duty. However, it is clearly stated that not all values are known as ethical values. Ethical values are related to what is correct and what is not thus taking preference over non ethical values during the process of making ethical decisions. Ethical values are very essential especially for the employees during decision making as the process of the official duties.
The primary ethical value is known as honesty which is linked with being straightforward, truthful and candid. The military personnel are given guidance regarding standards of conduct and ethics by the Standards of Conduct. The US Navy is among the major military personnel that are known to observe codes of ethics to the letter. Any violations of these ethics can lead to prosecution which is under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and other bodies which are in charge of the Navy. Any civilian employee or military member in the United States who goes ahead and violates these standards is entitled to administrative actions including reprimands.

US Navy and Ethics

When it comes to ethics, US Navy is well known due to its effective and honest ways of respecting these standards. The Navy is dedicated to the Core Values of Honor, commitment and Courage with the major aim of creating and building trust foundation in their leadership. The Navy claims to acquire their strength and victory from this. The Navy follows the principles which were founded in earlier centuries up to date and thus their success in maintaining ethics. The US Navy has always ensured that each member who joins the course whether a civilian, active or reserve must learn and understand and thus live by their core values. This is an important trait that the Navy has shown in order to create relations among themselves and also with the civilians who have a clear understanding of their core values. The US Navy has always acted ready to protect the country and has even gone further to extend its ethical values by protecting and providing freedom to other countries. This has been going on for the past two hundred years and the whole world has been able to witness this. According to their ethical standards, the US Navy are always ready to carry out any mission at any day or time and this shows their devotion towards their work and their nation.
The reason why the Navy is said to exceed the requirements on ethics is because the US Navy works with honesty and has shown how dedicated they are with their work. They are always ready to discourage conflicts all over the world and always turn out as victors whenever they are called upon to fight. The Navy declares to always be faithful to their Core Values of Honor, Commitment and Courage since it is their abiding duty and privilege. This is so different compared to other organizations whereby employees carry out their duties as if they are not interested. Comparing the attitudes of employees in various organizations and institutions, it is evident that the US Navy has always carried a very sincere and positive attitude towards their line of duties and thus the reason they are considered the best so far. Maintaining of good ethics helps in developing and creating a good name for an organization or an institution. This also helps enhance their attractiveness towards the audience and their reputation is good as well.
As for the US military the word Honor means a lot to them. They always ensure that each one of them is accountable for their professional and personal behavior and each individual is always mindful towards the various privileges they have for serving the American citizens. There are some of the major rules that help the US Navy to abide to their ethical standards and values in order to deliver proper services to the American Citizens. They always ensure that they take full responsibility for their actions and swear to keep their word. In their relationship with their seniors, the Navy members ensure that they maintain highest manners of ethics and this is also extended to their subordinates and peers. Corruption has no space in the US Navy. The members are said to be honest and truthful in their activities and dealings be it internally or externally.
Courage is another major value in the US Navy. It helps to give the members strength both morally and mentally thus enabling them to do what is right with resolution and confidence even when they are under the pressure of temptation. Making a decision to join the Navy also requires individuals who are committed and have a lot of courage since the career has a lot of demands. They also must have a lot of courage which helps them act in the interests of the navy departments and that of their nation and not on their own interest. Every man and woman in the Navy works towards achieving the future goals of the department. They are all committed members who foster respect and put first the spiritual and personal well being of the citizens. The navy has all through shown respect to all people regardless of the race, gender or religion and this has created a good relationship between them and the society.

Comparison of US Navy and ENRON

ENRON is a Company that created a bad name and image towards the public due to its poor value of Ethics. All the way from the top management to the lower employees the company was full of poor ethical morals. The company was recognized due to corruption which led to its down fall when it was declared bankrupt. These standards of ethics are totally opposite with those of US Navy. While the Navy joins together to improve its moral standards and protect the welfare of the citizens, ENRON worked together towards its downfall. Though the company had created a good image through provision of charity in large sums of money, it slowly defrauded its accounts in 1990’s and led to the fall of its accounting firms. Corruption was the major reason for this downfall since the employees lacked honesty. For any firm that is willing to maintain its ethical standards and create a god public image, honesty should then be a part of its everyday activities. The employees of the company must be committed, honest and courageous. These traits will help them work towards achieving the company’s objectives and avoid any temptations which can lead to the failure of the company or lead to job loss. ENRON failed since its financial statements were not clear and there is no honest person who had the intention of reviewing the mistake to save the company.
In conclusion, Ethics is very essential in every setting of the organization, group and others. Ethics helps organizations create good relationships with the publics and also helps them acquire a good public image. Where there are ethics, then the company portrays respect towards the clientele or the audience. The US Navy is one of the major groups that have shown its effective standards of ethics for more than two hundred years. The team has received recognition globally due to their respect, commitment and success.


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