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Us government printing office

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Moreover, they have the power to coin and regulate money and its value; they also borrow money on behalf of the United State on credit. In addition, they have the power to establish roads and post offices. Finally, they are granted the power to declare war which includes raising navies and armies.
In section 2 of the constitution of Unites States the primary powers of the president include; clause 1 to give information to Congress of the state of the Union, Further in clause 2 states that the president has the power and duty to recommend to their consideration of congress where necessary. In addition, the President has the power of calling congress into an extraordinary session. Clause 4 He receives foreign representatives, he cares for the faithful execution of the law and finally, clause 6 the President commissions officers both in the foreign and military service.
In article 3, section 1 states that the judicial power of the united state is vested in the Supreme Court. Section 2, gives the judicial branch power to attend to all cases both in law and equity that arise under the constitution and treaties made. This involves; all cases regarding ambassadors, other public consuls, and ministers; to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; further to controversies in which the United States shall be a party among others.
The three bodies often balance and check each other in different activities for instance; the President always give recommendations to congress where he feels it’s essential. Moreover, the president exercises a check over the Congress by use of his veto bills power, however, Congress may also rule against any veto by a two-thirds majority in each house. Furthermore, the judicial branch helps in law interpretation to ensure uniform policies in all levels and sectors.

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