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Understanding the arab culture

POSTING posting part I agree with you that the major stereotypes facing the Arab world are associated with Arabs being terrorists, and Muslims. While these are untrue stereotypes held by individuals who have failed to understand the Arab world, it is relatively difficult to change these perceptions. Islam has its origins in the Arab world hence this is the main reason why many people perceive Arabs to be Muslims. The element of generalisation of Arabs remains an aspect which cannot be ascertained since individuals have different personalities and therefore cannot be like minded (Connable 2004). I agree that it is relatively difficult for people to understand the behaviours of the Arabs without factual information. The utilisation of human terrain system presents a platform upon which other culture can understand the Arab world in a factual manner.
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I agree with you that understanding the Arab culture is a comprehensive studying of the basic units which form the society like family and other social systems. These are significant elements which define the behaviour of individuals and are the components which establish the culture of the people (Command 2006). Understanding the family concept of the Arab world can result in effective understanding of the culture through breaking down the components that unify the people in the Arab world. The religion and political system within the Arab world has contributed to the various stereotypes which are held by people from the western world. The implementation of the human terrain system by American army has played a fundamental role in the transformation of the perceptions which the western world holds against the Arabs. This is also an effective strategy which can enhance the understanding and improve the relationship between the western world and the Arab countries.
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