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Tristan gonzales

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Gonzales#l Integrity is ” the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness” (GoogleDefinitions). The first person that comes to mind when I hear the word integrity is Nick Carraway from the movie and the novel ” the Great Gatsby’. Nick Carraway is Gatsbys Lovers brother and Gatsbys best friend, he is also the narrator. Nick shows honesty, moral principles, and moral uprightness throughout the ntire book.

Nick Carraway as a narrator is honest and reliable because he explains all the Judgments from characters in general and is unbiased in doing so, he presents original plots or conversations does not scrutinize them and leaves them to the readers to decide, and these good qualities of Nick can be described by comparing others corruption in the book, such as Tom Buchanan, Gatsbys lover’s wife. Nick accepted the good parenting in his younger age, which helps him to be a decent person afterwards.

It can be proved in the book where Nick’s father told him: ” Whenever you feel like criticizing someone, Just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had all of the advantages you’ve had. “( Fitzgerald, l) this advice, which he has been turning over in his head ever since tells us that he is honest for the fact thathe does not Judge people without getting to know them first. Gonzales #2 Nick has high morality and decency while others do not. For example, ” l was one of few guests who had actually been invited.

People were not invited-they went there. ” (F. Scott Fitzgerald, 43) Majority went there without an invitation. It shows those people have low morality and are dishonest. In the book Gatsby asks nick to go and tell daisy to meet him for lunch after he tells the story of him and daisy and what occurred with their relationship. He agrees to this gesture because he feels that tom Buchanan is an unfaithful husband and he has witnessed first hand of his affairs. He knows what he is doing is for the best and is looking out for daisy in more ways than ne.

These reasons for Nicks integrity that I have stated are only the ones that truly stuck out to me on the contrary though if I re read the book I’m confident that I could conjure up 100 more reasons why he has integrity. In every chapter of the book he is in a circumstance where he must make the right choice, and he never fails to make that choice. In the third chapter atter meeting a lot ot the main characters Nick states ” l am one of the few honest people that I have ever known”( Fitzgerald, 54). And I agree with this quote completely.

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