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Treating depression

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Treating Depression Being part of the medical field has always been my dream. I could see myself helping people get better from their troubling ailments and nothing could make me happier. Unfortunately, I have not heard any previous experience in this field because I have to study first. That is why I am seeking this opportunity so that I can acquire the knowledge required in this field. I plan my schedule in an orderly manner so that I maximize my time on studying. One other thing I do is engaging in group discussions so as to make sure we help each other in understanding crucial points. This is because I understand that to become a certified nursing assistant one needs to put in more effort and dedicate their time to the nursing profession.
More so, I know that becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant will open doors for me in the medical field. This could help me a lot because I would like to take the next step and study to be a psychiatrist. I am hardworking, honest, caring, and I make sure that I maximize my potential to achieve my goals. If I get the chance to join this program, I am going to study hard and excel the challenges that come my way and contribute to the success of this program so that it attracts many more to join. I believe that a nurse is an advocate between the doctor and the patient. Therefore, I will make sure that I attend to patients according to the doctor’s instructions and in doing so I will be maintaining a healthy doctor-patient relationship.
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