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Topics in criminal justice assignment

In understanding the recruitment process could help us know the development strategies and how to intervene the terrorist groups and know how the sociological and psychological characteristics of increasing their numbers. It’s been known that the effective recruitment is; cultural, social and historical context. For example, some of the youth are being encouraged to leave their homes to come and Join the military or paramilitary organization which can be that the youth’s family is a member of a privileged class or framed as a step in social advancement if the Emily is immigrant and there are struggling.

These are some of the examples of tuning into the cryptographic and demographic. In the case with many new recruits to Al-Qaeda, may polarize and strengthen the will of anti-government revolution, also just as it might be the case with the LATE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Lame). The empirical studies conducted on some variable which seems to have or had matter the most in the success or failure of recruitment which are cryptographic variables and state variables.

On this variables attitudes, ideas, reasoning, and physical experiences of individuals which weigh more heavily in their ability of resisting recruitment than to do each or such factors as their age , profession, and gender goes. Here are some of the cryptographic and stats variables; a high level of current distress or dissatisfaction in which are emotional and physical of both, also cultural disillusionment in a frustrated seeker which are the unfulfilled idealism, the lack of an intrinsic religious belief system or value system and family system. Some of dependent personality tendencies are suggestibility low tolerance for ambiguity.

An example of someone who was recruited into Al-Qaeda, was Richard Reid, he had a shoe bomb in which he attempted to bring down an American airlines flight in December 2001, by detonating explosive which was hidden in his shoes. Sometimes I do ask myself if these terrorists are psychopaths or psychotic; however, according to psychiatrist W. Reach (1979) who interviewed some of the west German terrorist, which he determined that the was no conclusive evidence which was found the assumption of a significant number of terrorist that are disturbed or abnormal.

However, Reach argument was that terrorism is a pathological behavior which serves to minimize the political and social issues that motivates the terrorists into actions. While psychologist Ken Haskins (1984), who studied the psychology of terrorism in Northern Ireland, which noted that there were no psychological evidence that terrorist are diagnosable the psychopathic or clinically disturbed. Although in some instances in which a mentally ill individual may have led a terrorist group, but it has not been in the case of an international terrorism.

However, some specialists pointed out some fact that there is little reliable evidence that would support the notion that terrorists in general are psychologically disturbed individuals. The selective way in which the terrorist groups recruit new members is that a candidate who happens to appear potentially dangerous to the terrorist group’s survival are to be screened out, but candidates with unpredictable or uncontrolled behavior that does lack the personal attributes, those are the people in which the terrorist recruiters are looking for.

For example, the current Ever which took place in aurora Colorado, where by the guy was Just literally shooting everyone as if it was hunting time, and walking casually like he knew what he was doing, looking ready as if he was going into battle, Just like the dark knight massacre. And he was called himself the Joker, and quoted as the late ledger “ l am the Joker, the enemy of batman”. Some Domestic Groups tend to be less likely to cause serious bodily harm/death of civilians. Usually are more aimed at causing property damage, then bodily, especially ALFA and ELF.

Arson, vandalism, intimidation, assaults, fire bombs. Damage the company or project they are against. The motivation of Terrorists is by producing widespread fear, Obtain worldwide, national or local recognition for their cause by attracting the attention of the media, Harass, weaken, or embarrass government security forces so that the government overreacts and appears repressive Steal or extort money and equipment, especially weapons and ammunition, Destroy facilities or disrupt lines of communication in order to create doubt.

In order words, Depending on what type of organization the terrorist belongs to, it could be anything. Personal, religious, Ideology and motivation will influence the objectives of terrorist operations, especially regarding the casualty rate. Groups with secular ideologies and non-religious goals will often attempt highly selective and discriminate acts of violence to achieve a specific political aim. This often requires them to keep casualties at the minimum amount necessary to attain the objective.

This is both to avoid a backlash that might severely damage the organization, and also maintain the appearance of a rational group that has legitimate grievances. By limiting their attacks they reduce the risk of undermining external political and economic support. Groups that comprise a “ wing” of an insurgency, or are affiliated with aboveground, sometimes legitimate, political organizations often operate under these constraints. The tensions caused by balancing these considerations are often a prime factor in the development of splinter groups and internal factions within these organizations.

Another motive is to courage foreign investments, tourism, or assistance programs that can affect the target country’s economy and support of the government in power Influence government decisions, legislation, or other critical decisions, Free prisoners, Satisfy vengeance and then Turn the tide in a guerrilla war by forcing government security forces to concentrate their efforts in urban areas. This allows the terrorist group to establish itself among the local populace in rural areas. According to the CIA world fact book, only tabulate seven world religions.

And the numbers are in a differ slightly from the WEEK and Britannica; this are the religions sizes, the Christianity is the Islam the Hinduism are the Buddhism 5. 84%. In order word we have to know what ideologies means, which means the body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individuals, groups, class, or culture, also as a set of doctrines or beliefs that form the basis of a political , economic, or other system. ( American heritage dictionary [Scott Fowler). References Scott, Fowler. Oily 18, 2012) Live Chat:

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