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Thurgood marshall

Running head: Sandra Day OConner Sandra Day OConner Sandra Day O’Connor is the first women Supreme Court judge of United s. She is regarded as one of the conservative judges in American judiciary or legal system. She is famous for her independence in taking decisions irrespective of which political party in power. This paper is a tribute to Sandra Day O’Connor as the Supreme Court judge of United States.
(Sandra Day O’Connor)
I have taken Sandra Day O’Connor as my favorite judge because of her relevance in American judiciary as the first female Supreme Court Judge and her important verdicts with respect to abortion, cases involving minorities, etc and her impartiality in giving verdicts. Moreover she is considered as a role model for Americans in general irrespective of the sex. Sandra Day O’ Conner is believed to be a great compromiser in her approaches and opinions expressed in court. In her opinion “ Society as a whole benefits immeasurably from a climate in which all persons, regardless of race or gender, may have the opportunity to earn respect, responsibility, advancement and remuneration based on ability” (Sandra Day O’Connor). She was a great advocate of equality in human right issues while she was in her office at Supreme Court as a judge. Ability was the main criteria stressed by Sandra Day O’ Conner for discriminating people rather than the sex, race or culture.
Sandra Day O’ Conner actually tried to give a new dimension to the American judicial system. In her opinion the court’s role is just to interpret the law, not to legislate it. (Sandra Day O’Connor) Legislation should be done by the government or the parliament and the role of a judge is to analyze the cases with respect to the existing laws rather than creating new laws.
Sandra Day OConnor was successful in giving a new direction to the American constitutional laws with respect to affirmative action, voting rights, church‐and‐state issues, takings under the Fifth Amendment, states rights, abortion etc. (Answers. com) Since she was a female judge, her opinions about the abortion rights has been widely accepted in America.
Sandra Day O’Connor was the first female Supreme Court judge in America who was successful in giving new dimensions to American judiciary. She was successful in segregating the role of the government and the rights of the individual in American social life. Since she was the first woman judge in Supreme Court her opinions and verdicts were watched eagerly by the American public. Apart from being a female judge, she has created a unique place for her in American judicial history by putting forward so many revolutionary interpretations of law which forced me to select her as my favorite judge without having a second thought.
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