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Three criminal justice careers

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Three Criminal Justice Careers CRJ201 Three Criminal Justice Careers Crime Analyst Job From the details provided by Prentice Hall’s Career’s in Criminal Justice, a crime analysts’ job entails collecting, analyzing and presenting data “ related to the use of law enforcement resources, deployment of personnel, and effectiveness of programs and performance measures within police departments” (Prentice Hall: Crime Analyst, 2005, par. 1). The responsibilities are basically assisting the police department in the planning of deployment of needed resources for the prevention of crime. Other tasks include coordinating with other civilian law and military agencies in crime detection and in analyzing information of criminal scenarios. The working environment is basically in an office setting, in front of a computer, with intermittent field visits, when required. There are minimum qualifications and other requirements including a bachelor’s degree, experiences in statistical analysis, law enforcement as criminal investigator, among others. The average remuneration as of 2004, as disclosed amount to: “ about $65, 000-$79, 000 annually (in California); in Nevada, about $55, 000-$78, 000 annually; in Minnesota, about $44, 000-$56, 000 annually” Prentice Hall: Crime Analyst, 2005, par. 6). Interest in the Career One is highly interested in the career due to the challenges called for as identified in the job description. I am genuinely enthusiastic about delving into a career that involves analyzing data and information aiming to uncover identities of criminal activities to assist victims and their families in resolving the crime. The working environment is perfect for me, giving me some opportunities for field visits, only when needed. Further, the compensation is highly attractive and commensurate to the activities and responsibilities expected to be undertaken. 2. FBI Special Agent Job Description According to the World of Criminal Justice, “ the FBI has investigative jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal crimes. The Bureau is also authorized to investigate matters where no prosecution is contemplated, such as conducting background security checks concerning nominees to sensitive government positions” (Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 2002, par. 1). As such, the FBI special agent’s role in the investigation and resolution of crime is of crucial importance. From among the responsibilities noted in the Prentice Hall’s discourse, the following were eminent: “ surveillance, monitor court-authorized wiretaps, examine business records, investigate white-collar crime, track the interstate movement of stolen property, collect evidence of espionage activities, and participate in sensitive undercover assignments” (Prentice Hall: FBI Special Agent, 2005, par. 1). Agents are deemed to be assigned in FBI’s field offices for a minimun of four years prior to being given new assignments. There a re detailed qualifications and training (vision test, academic requirements, physcial fitness test, audiometer test, among others). The salary ranges from $40, 000 to $49, 000 per annum, plus an availability pay, defined as “ an additional premium compensation for unscheduled duty equaling 25 percent of the agent’s base salary” (Prentice Hall: FBI Special Agent, 2005, par. 12). Interest in the Career I have always admired FBI agents in their commitment and dedication to their profession. I am interested in pursuing this career due to the challenges seen from the responsibilities noted; as well as from the potential rewards. The qualifications and training are more stringent and encompassing holistic personality development. Working conditions are likewise exemplary and within one’s personal preference. 3. U. S. Marshal Service Job Description The research on US Marshal Service as a career revealed that “ U. S. Marshals were the nation’s first peace officers, created by Congress in 1789. These early marshals were mainly drifters who tracked killers and cattle rustlers, often improvising the law as they went along” (U. S. Marshals Special Operations Group, 2002, par. 1). The responsibilities include pursuing and arresting federal fugitives. The working conditions, as indicated, require extensive travelling on very short notices (Prentice Hall: U. S. Marshal Service, 2005, par. 8). The qualifications include a two-phase testing process; with a bachelor’s degree; in excellent physical condition; and requiring passing a physical fitness test, among others. From the date of publication, the average earning for U. S. Marshals in 2004 range from $27, 000-$34, 000 annually. As agents are promoted, their average earnings likewise increase. A mandatory retirement age of 57 is also noted (Prentice Hall: U. S. Marshal, 2005, par. 15). Interest in the Career The nature of work, responsibilities, working condition and remuneration all meets my preference and interest. The challenges and demands of the career are intense but rewarding. The crucial role in ensuring that justice prevails is instrumental for the career. The prospective applicant for the position is thereby recognized to possess the physical and intellectual traits to discern ability to perform duties as noted: “ court security; transporting and processing prisoners; conducting body searches of prisoners and persons under arrest; producing prisoners in court and maintaining custody; protecting sequestered juries; protecting court facilities and personnel; executing civil and criminal processes” (Prentice Hall: U. S. Marshal, 2005, par. 1). References Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). (2002). Retrieved August 23, 2011, from World of Criminal Justice, Gale: http://www. credoreference. com/entry/worldcrims/federal_bureau_of_investigation_fbi Prentice Hall. (2005). Careers in Criminal Justice. Retrieved August 23, 2011, fromhttp://media. pearsoncmg. com/ph/chet/chet_criminal_justice_1/careers/content/index. html U. S. Marshals Special Operations Group. (2002). Retrieved August 24, 2011, from World of Criminal Justice, Gale: http://www. credoreference. com/entry/worldcrims/u_s_marshals_special_operations_group

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