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Implementation of Action | Problem Statement: Parents are not aware of their minor children’s reckless behavior on online social networks such as Facebook, | | the social networks are partly attributable for the lack of parent monitoring because of advanced privacy features available to | | minors. | | | | Baseline Data: Facebook has attracted the older crowd but more importantly the younger crowd between the ages of 10 to 18 years | | old. When Facebook first became, it was very basic and allowed you to see everything that a “ friend” of yours had done on Facebook. | | As the years have gone on and the popularity and technology advanced, Facebook now gives the account user many options to privacy | | of their page.

One is able to block someone completely or give someone a limited view of their account, one can even setup their | | page to where they cannot even be found on Facebook, and it is only possible to become their friend if they add you. | | | Objectives | The goals of my research are to bring awareness to parents and make them take more interest and involvement in | | | their children’s online activities. Also to provide minors of these social networks awareness of their actions| | | and possible outcomes if not mainstreamed. | | | | | To support reaching my goals; I will educate parents and children through informational packets, speeches at | | | schools, churches, and other community events.

| Artifacts/Evidence The following artifacts were used in this action research project. Social Networking Site Privacy Questionnaire | Introduction | | You are invited to take part in this survey of 15 questions which aims to identify user perception of privacy of minors in online | | social networking sites. To participate you must be a member of a Social Networking Site (ie. sites like Facebook, mySpace, | | Twitter, etc). Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and anonymous so you will not be associated or have any attempt | | made to associate you with the answers you provide. You can withdraw at any time simply by leaving this page and are free to ignore| | any questions you prefer not to answer.

The results obtained from this questionnaire will be used in a Kaplan University Capstone | | Project for an MSLS Degree. This does not apply to name, profile picture, gender, networks and username, which are visible to | | | everyone so real world friends can recognize them. ” | | | | | |  |  | | | | Not at all | | | | A little | | | | Somewhat | | | | Highly | | | | | | | Since filling in this questionnaire my views on Facebook’s privacy policy for minors has changed completely | | | |[pic] | | | |[pic] | | | |[pic] | | | |[pic] | | | | | | |  |  | | | | | Hypothetical focus group of parents observing a focus group of minors on social networks and notating feedback, behaviors, and body language in response to the minors behaviors online. Data Collection Methods and Timeline | Data I plan to collect | How I will gather this information | When | | Parent’s awareness of their children’s | I will gather this information through focus| It would be beneficial to gather | | behaviors on social networks. | groups, data surveys, and interviews. | information a two different times for | | | | comparison purposes.

| Parent’s involvement in their children’s | For Surveys I plan to use a simple multiple | | | online activities. | choice questionnaire that uses radio buttons| Midweek because parents have a more hectic | | | as well as a side by side matrix survey this| schedule with work and minors have a more | | Minor’s awareness of the consequences | will allow for participants to express their| hectic schedule with school. Compared to | | their reckless behaviors on social | answers on a scale by importance. | the weekend when there is more “ free” time | | networks can cause. | | for both parties.

| | A small focus group of parents being exposed| | | | to some of the reckless behaviors of minors | I would actually conduct this research upon| | | on social networks. | entering class LS698. | | | As well as a small focus group of minors to | | | | expose to negative and positive behaviors | | | | demonstrated online by other minors. | | | | | | | An interview of a minor who has been | | | | negatively impacted by (bullied, harassed, | | | | stalked) online by other minors on social | | | | networks and provide a voice to them to | | | | discuss the impact this had on their life. | | Referenceshttp://www. facebook.

com/#! /privacy/explanation. php Brophy, Marcus (2010, October 8). Social Networks not Protecting Children’s Privacy, Poll Finds. Retrieved on October 23, 2010, from USA Today: http://www. usatoday. com/yourlife/parenting-family/2010-10-08-socialmediasurvey08_ST_N.

htm Brustein, Joshua (2010, May 18). For Children, A Social Network with Training Wheels. Retrieved on October 24, 2010 from The New York Times: http://bits. blogs.

nytimes. om/2010/05/18/for-children-a-social-network-with-training-wheels/

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