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The wrong man sits in jail

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Decision making model al Affiliation) Decisions making model Decision-making is an important aspect in the lives of most individuals in the country. Every individual needs to make the right choice to address various issues in her life. There is always a need to make the right decision. A model represents a system represents the systematic option that many individuals. Stating the problem, defining objectives, and developing a framework are basic needs in the lives of the individuals. Analysis and development of action plans are crucial to any department.
The least harm principle aims to encourage individuals to make the right decision when they are in a situation of two evils at the same time (Dolgoff, Harrington & Loewenberg, 2012). The individuals must choose the evil that causes less harm to the society. There are numerous theories that explain the least harm principle. The theories argue that alternative solutions should cause least harm to the society. It means that if individuals have two options to choose from they must choose the one with minimal damage to the society. It is an ethical decision that is acceptable by most societies in the world.
The general decision making model should guide individuals in the society to make good decisions. It helps individuals to analyze situations from different perspectives and lead them to making an ethical solution for the situations. They evaluate numerous solutions and provide a feedback that justifies their decisions. Decisions of this kind are important to the lives of managers and other influential individuals in the society. Managers should have the skill of selecting the option that causes less harm to the society (Dolgoff, Harrington & Loewenberg, 2012). They may also make decisions regarding how a choice affects the development of a company. Selection of the best alternative provides a positive feedback to the management and the company. Individual make decision when they have alternatives. In addition to, people make these choices when they under conditions of uncertainty. Individuals always choose the options that are efficient in the situation. The decisions made between the two alternatives are direct. It is because the effective options lead to efficient choices.
Evaluation of chapter 4 of the book shows that Cliff Baxter is a social worker who left his work. Cliff starts his own company and devotes most of his time to the enterprise. Dennis is workmate who promises to direct clients to his firm at a fee (Dolgoff, Harrington & Loewenberg, 2012). There are challenges that Cliff faces in the business. He finds difficulties in trying to develop because his business is not stable. Sources indicate that he collected insufficient income in the previous month and he was contemplating on taking the offer of Dennis
Cliff should not take the offer from Dennis because it is unethical. Evaluation of the case shows that Dennis will be choosing an option that is not helping his company develop. The decision made by Dennis would be unethical if it concludes. It will not cause the least harm to the organization that employs him. In the case, that Dennis leaves his employers and lands a job with Cliff. It will not be ethical for Dennis to refer some of the clients belonging to Cliff to another firm. The values of workplace base their opinions on justice and dignity of an individual. Application of ethical values will lead to efficiency in an organization. Cliff should try to get his own customers because it is morally correct.
Dolgoff, R., Harrington, D., & Loewenberg, F. (2012). Ethical decisions for social work practice. Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole.

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