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The universal dna

The universal DNA database Is Important to the law enforcement agencies. The database will help the law enforcement agencies to identify suspects fast. When the universal data base is not used, it is very easy for a criminal to commit a crime and escape. The DNA universal database will improve the crime investigation thereby curbing the menace of criminals. When this takes effect, criminals might be extremely careful not to leave any trace that can help in getting their DNA for deontological (Krimmer & Salmonella, 2011).

Nevertheless, the fear of being identified will result Into a reduction In crime with many would be criminals staying away from crime. The implementation of the database will be a strong deterrent to first time offenders. This will be brought about by the fear of fast identification and conviction. Law enforcers should be allowed to access the universal database to some extent and not the entire information. They should be allowed to access information that ill be helpful for identification of the suspect and the location of the Information.

Information In this case should Include the person’s Identification and location. Information on personal life should not be accessed by the law enforcers. However, if the information will be useful in identification of the criminal should be accessed. The other information that should be accessed is the information on the person criminal record (Tallboy, 2012). This will help the individual to identify the suspect life. The information will help in analyzing the possibility of the criminal having committed crime or whether the suspect was In the crime scene as a victim of a crime.

Sharing Information Is vital In anything we do, but for the police department It is extremely important in order to be successful. Police exchange information and communicate with colleagues, different police services, as well as members of the public. The most recent Septet. 11 terrorist attack underlined the importance of knowledge sharing. It reminded the U. S. Bout the importance of knowledge security (Lube & Simon, 2003).

Biometrics is the science of using one or more unique physical characteristics or behavioral traits to Identify Individuals. The best-known biometric Identification method Is fingerprinting. Other methods are based on facial, iris, voice, handwriting, and signature recognition (National Institute of Justice). Fast and accurate identification enhances officer safety, detects criminals, secures facilities and information systems from unauthorized access, makes borders more secure, and prevents identity theft.

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