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THE TOURIST REVIEWThe best two words to describe Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in THE TOURIST: no chemistry! The story is set in fantastic Venice, Italy and the scenery is amazingly beautiful.

But there was definitely a lack of chemistry between the two main characters, so the effort from the writer and the producer was lost with their poor performance. Depp plays Frank Tupelo, a math teacher from Madison, WI and he plays his role quite unconvincingly. Angelina plays Elise Clifton, a beautiful Interpol agent and financial genius.

Honestly, the movie is slow and at times so boring that the viewer can get easily distracted. The most surprising thing to me was to see these two super-stars, Depp and Jolie, so entirely understated and uninspired. They did their roles completely wrong and oppositely from what they where supposed to do. THE TOURIST lacks energy, substance and depth. It??™s a shame the director didn??™t took advantage of the beautiful setting. Venice is known for being an absolutely romantic place and through the entire movie that??™s the last thing to see.

That is completely opposite from CASINO ROYALE which is one of the most exiting movies ever. This movie will pull you out of your sofa and into the thrill of the screen. With the most sensational scene I have ever seen shoot in Venice Italy, which is the most beautiful place in the world according to me after spending a summer there. I believe it was a great idea to finish the perfect movie full of romance and action with such and spectacular scenery. The chemistry between the main characters is real. Even if the Venice scenes are shorter than the ones in THE TOURIST which are the entire movie, the passionate atmosphere is more believable. It would be better if THE TOURIST had being played in a colder and non historic setting. That way the viewer wouldn??™t be expecting a romantic story and be that disappointed.

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