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The shawshank redemption

Shawshank Redemption The film chosen as a topic to study is Shawshank Redemption. It is based on the lives of the American prisoners, how they were treated and felt and was there any racism in them in the 1950’s and 1960’s. But the movie is more of a fantasy rather than based on facts. It is a fact that literature involves freedom to mold the realities and turn stories in a way which becomes more appealing to its audience. This also involves changing the real life scenarios, situations and events, thus leading towards a more alluring story. In the case of Shawshank Redemption, if a separate isolated prison was shown, as it used to be in reality it would not have carried the movie, the way it has been done (Bossik).
In the movie it was shown that a white person is jailed and he meets a group of other prisoners, having mixed ethnicity. He develops a kind of intimacy with the group. This is kind of unusual in real life, considering the time depicted in the movie. As at that time there was a great deal of racism and mostly people preferred having friendship with people of the same color. But the movie continuously follows the theme of a bond of friendship between a white and an African-American prisoner. This theme has been the basis and the beauty of the movie. Even though it would have been unlikely in real life scenario, but it was opted for creating a temptation among the viewers (Bossik).
The primary allegory in Shawshank Redemption is the myth shown in the prison assortment it. In the film there is shown an airborne gunshot of the jail yard. The thing odd about this shot is it’s depictured of non-segregated racial diversity. Prisoners framed in the scene are depicted like a disperse plot with no association. Apart from that, the education level and social class is also been highlighted in Shawshank Redemption which somewhat contradicts with the reality. Andy is shown as a man who is well educated and belongs to an upper social class. Not only does this raise questions on the educated society but also, this kind of a scenario is not seen much amongst the people in real life. The prisoners of those times in real life were not very interactive with each other and especially with those which did not belonged to them. For example a white man would always be found with a white man. But the movie eliminated the concept of racism which at that time was considered to be a serious issue.
The movie depicts many things which are not only to be taken as fantasy, but also were very opposite of what actually happened during that time. The example above of diversity and non existence of racism is one of the examples which in the movie were shown many a times but in reality nothing of such sort existed. It is quite obvious that all of what was shown in the movie was just to build the interest of the audience and was all a fiction.
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