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The process of organising event brunei market management essay

As event organizer, I always want to organise creative and attractive event. In order to organise such event, we must have curtain quality and critical thinking of how to make our idea works. In my case in enterprise, I am planning to organise as many event as I could to capture the market in Brunei Darussalam. To ensure the success of business in organising events, I have to make a critical research base on the market in Brunei Darussalam. Feedback that I got from the respondents during the interview session the outcome was positive and most of my networks supported me to go for organising an event. I decided to organise a football competition as the first step to capture the Brunei market in event business.

In this report I will include the critical reflection from the event that I organised, case study on related field, recommendations and conclusion.

About the event

The event was design to gather all Bruneians all over the UK to London. We called the event as winter games because the event was organised during winter. The event was on the 19 December 2010 at 10. 00am located at west-field London. 5 a side football competition was the game, the reason why chose this game is because the most of Bruneians student in the UK plays football. I interviewed my networks, friends, random Bruneian people and they gave me positive feedback.

The process of organising this event

From the angle of entrepreneurship, I as the event manager collaborated with some Bruneians students from London society to organise the 5 aside football competition (futsal). The reason why I collaborate with Bruneians students from London society was because easy for me to manage the event since the event was in London.

The first thing that I did was to prepare the proposal and plan of how this event works. Since I already have my own committee in London, I divided my responsibilities to my committee according to sections.

The diagram above shows the organisation chart that I used during the process of developing the event. Basically each committee will hold one or more responsibilities, I as the event manager will oversee all section to ensure they are in a right track and any matter arise will have to report directly to me.

Marketing and Sponsorship

Committees who hold responsibility on marketing and sponsorship had to do with promoting the event to Bruneian students from all over the UK. Apart from that I asked them to find out which factor that can be useful in contacting and promoting the event. By having brain storming we came out with one idea by using social networks such as Facebook and etc. we also used the traditional promotional tools such as banner and poster before and during the event. The purpose of creating marketing strategy was to attract Bruneians students to participate the event.

We also applied the marketing mix 4 P’s

• Place

The place for the event was convenience to all participants which are located 4 miles from Brunei hall. Beside that this also gives the opportunities for them to stay overnight at Brunei hall and mingle around with other Bruneians from all over United Kingdom. The main objectives is to gather them, to create networking within Bruneian student from all over united kingdom since we are far away from our home country, by having this networking in a way it gives them feels like home

• Price

The price for the entrance fee was affordable, the fees can cover the competition expenses, booklet, participation certificates and their refreshment. We only charge them for 70 pound per team.

• Product

The product that we provide for them was the competition itself. As we provide them the competition for them to compete with other teams. The competition took place on the 19 December 2010 at west-field London

• Promotion

The promotion that we used to inform them was a public relation. This type of promotion was used to inform the participant that they will be football competition coming up. By using the spreading the words which spread really fast just like a virus and we manage to complete the registration early from what we expected. We also use direct contact through the Brunei society all over United Kingdom. During their registration we provide them with booklet that contents the rules and regulation during the competition, the participation certificate and poster for them to remember this kind of event. We also used banner during the event to create awareness.

Apart from marketing, sponsorship was also our main concern in order to increase our financial status. It was really hard for us to get a sponsorship because we were here in UK, however we manage to called them up and asked us to write a letter requesting a sponsorship. We send couple of letters by email to companies in Brunei and manage to get respond from 3 companies and 1 government sector. In return they will get their company’s logo, name and others posted at our banner, tag in our prizes, certificate of participation and the main aspect in publication which included public relation, article at our local newspaper and Brunei -London newsletter. The companies that sponsored for our event were Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank cooperation (HSBC), Brunei Shell, Baiduri Bank and Brunei Student Unit.


Finance is as important as the other section, without it the will be no event organise. As part of the important section with others, we charged the participant for registration. We charged them per team for 70 pound which includes their lunch and drinks. By that we raise our money to book event venue, prizes, catering and etc. the total amount of entrance fee we collected from the teams was 2240 pound excluded the amount of money that’s we got from our sponsorship. We also planned on the contingency budget in case there would be any problem arise before and during the event. However the event runs well without any issues about budget problems.


There is lot of things under logistic, this include venue, event equipment, P. A system safety and security, facilities and others that maybe include in the list of logistic. Venue is the main priority in logistic as it was very important to my event, we made research on couple of venues for our event, we requested quotation from the venue provider to provide us with the price and services that they offer. After discussion with my team we have the best place or venue that gave us a better price and services which is located in west-field London.

The main reason that we chose London was because we were able to provide accommodation for the participants. As for example if the participants is a Bruneian student, they will be able to stay overnight at Brunei Hall in Westminster Street which it is easy for them stay overnight after a long journey from north London such as Scotland, Newcastle, Bradford and other places from all over United Kingdom. The distance from Brunei hall to the venue is about 4 miles, and they just need to use underground tube from Paddington about 1 stop to the venue. It was convenience for the participants to reach the venue.

The problem about this venue was about a place to rest, the event was during the winter and unexpectedly there were snowing a day before the event. We made an emergency meeting with my team and decided to carry on rather than cancel the game. I was hoping that we made the right decision to carry on with the event. Apparently the called that we made was wrong because not all of the pitch can be used for the match due to safety reasons and from 6 pitches it was reduce to 3 pitches, this made our time line for every match changed and we had to change the system of playing.

The equipment and other were provided by the venue provider except some equipment that we need to buy such as ball, training bib and etc. All of that equipment is not an issue because we can use it in our future event.

Programmes development

In process of developing the programmes for the event was really tough than I thought, we took 2 to 3 weeks just to get the plan perfect. The programme of the event was the time line for the every match, the opening ceremony, the prize presentations, registration and lot more. I contacted my network who works in project management to help us in preparing the programmes development and turn out we learn a lot from it. We also made a research through internet and academic book so that in process we could learn more from it.


Basically the terms of participants in this report is all about the involvement of our participant such as registration, information team that people will contact them directly if they have any doubt about the event, kept all of the participant information into our record system and others. This section proves it is worth it because we can use the contact for our future event and to establish our networks more effectively.

As the process for the registration we invited Bruneians from all over United Kingdom to participate. We only opens to 26 teams, so basically it will be on first come first serve basis. The opening registration date for the competition was on the 25th November 2010 and the closed date was on 5th December 2010. Within the time frame given, it was full house, basically there was several complain from people that we didn’t open more teams to join the event, this is because they were really interested and look forward to participate. Due to this complaint, I conducted a meeting with my team and increase the number of teams up to 32 teams. After the decision had been made, we made an announcement to the participant who didn’t get a chance to register to participate. However who told them, we only can open up to 32 teams due to the time constrain.

SWOT analysis

I analysed my project using the SWOT analysis. This analysis is important to identify the strength and weaknesses of my project. SWOT analysis is divided into two parts, which are internal and external factor.

The internal factor is:


Got network in football mainly:

I have this kind of advantages where I have lot of friends who love to do sports especially football. I built this network when I had a match with other team in Brunei and Malaysia. Recently, I have met Bruneian Students from Bradford and Warwick, they told me that they were looking forward for the football competition and gave me a positive response. I took this opportunities to organize 1 event on the 19th December 2010, the responds that I received was unbelievable. Due to the response and demand that we received from all the participants and from the people who are interested to join the competition, from 26 teams, we have to increase the team’s number to 32 teams for the competition on that day.

Experience in organizing a football competition:

Since I got experience in organizing this kind of event as well as experience in participating football competition it may help me to maximize my potential and abilities to organize football competition. However, I need to improve more on my planning skill in organising this type of event.

Participation in football:

To gain knowledge from the football and to know what sort of thing should I experience, we have to participate as much as we could in all kind of football competitions. In that case, I had participated more than ten competitions whether in Brunei or Malaysia. Based on that, I was able to experience varieties kind of football competitions and gained more knowledge. Organizing this competition was on my wish list of events that I really hope to organize in United Kingdom because of the less number of events for Bruneians in United Kingdom. I took these opportunities to set up and implement this event.


We are all students:

It was difficult for us to manage this event due to our class schedules. We are students came from different universities and regions, however, we were able to keep in touch with each other member from the team to discuss about the event matters and prepared the event by using email and direct conference.


Having some inexperience member in a group make the process of the event runs a bit slow and I need to monitor them from time to time in order to make sure the process for the event was on the right track. At times when I delegate important task to my group member they will always make mistake without noticing where I need to make it right and indirectly taught them how to restructure the task.

The external factor:


There is no sports event for Bruneians in United Kingdom during the winter:

Creating sports Event Company is a good sign for me to capture Brunei market especially Bruneians in United Kingdom. There are opportunities for me to start with small event such as this football competition in order to build reputation and create networks. This might give me some ideas of improving my management and organising events.

There will be lot of team joining the event:

Since there is no sports event company held in United Kingdom for Bruneians, I might captures more than 20 teams. Due to the demand from this sport and lot of people in Bruneians likes to play football I might build and capture the share market in organizing events. The opportunity is there left for me to grip the chance to create an innovative ideas


Nature causes:

Since the event was organized during the winter, our main threat of the event was snow and the cold weather. The competition was held outdoors and there were no shelter for the audience and the participants. Consequences of organising this event is high that might bring to dissatisfaction.

Hire Venue:

Most of the venues were closed during that time due to the timing for our event, apart from that some of the venue was booked by other parties so we cannot rent the whole venue. Luckily, we are able to book the whole venue at West-Field London for our event.

Hire Security:

For the security, we are not able to hire a security services due to budget. Even though, we are expecting more than 200 Bruneians to come to the event, we to make sure that both the participants and audiences are safe during the event. If we hire a security we will face over budget for the event, however we are able to implement some of the Health and Safety Procedures for both of them.

Case study base from the real business

Tim Hartin is a local entrepreneur, he started his business recording and rehearsal studio in the Stourbridge area of the West Midlands. The property came on the renting market around a year ago (April 2010) and they (Tim and three other partners) took over the lease from the Landlord in the same month. They took this on not only because of the opportunity but because there was a gap in the market in the Stourbridge area for good, well equipped cheap places to practice and record for local bands.

They then went about building and remodelling the property to accommodate two rehearsal rooms with a recording control room in the middle of them. Once it was up and running they produced flyers, a website, a facebook page, twitter account etc. They give out flyers to the local area, venues, gigs, other rehearsal rooms by using Gorilla marketing.

They continued the strategy until Christmas 2010, building our reputation through word of mouth and continuous flyer, sponsoring of events and local music competitions i. e. giving a day’s worth of recording away at a charity raffle etc.

From Christmas onwards they have begun to hold gig nights once a month trying to encourage a local music scene to blossom around the studio. This night is called Carnage Club and happens every second Saturday of the month. They hold for invited only and there is no charge to the attendees who have been invited, (this also gets around any legality as they are not an event licensed property, invited people only reclassifies it as a private party. We also do not provide any alcohols and so on while there is no problems rose.

Normally the night consists of around 5 bands of varied genres however they do tend to lean towards more experimental, hard-core and unusual styles of music. The night is then topped off with two DJs. Financially they have made a small profit over the first year due to most of the money being put back in the business for gear, renovations etc. However since Christmas they are doing well and seeing a healthy return on our investment.

As for us, we are the future event organiser were planning to create and seek for the right opportunities like Tim did on his business idea. However in reflecting on my event previously in London was different. If there is any opportunity for me when I am back to Brunei, I will also look for any possible office to ensure we build our reputation for my business. In the terms of marketing what make we different from Tim was we basically use posters, banners as the traditional ways of marketing. Meanwhile on the social networking we used Facebook and direct blog from our contact to promote our event to Bruneians, the reason why we didn’t used twitter and website was because we are lack of expertise and need to develop more skill on this kind of technology. In future we will ensure all this type of social networking that Tim did will be apply for our future events. ……………

Questionnaires, like many evaluation methods occur after the event, so participants may forget important issues.

Questionnaires are standardised so it is not possible to explain any points in the questions that participants might misinterpret. This could be partially solved by piloting the questions on a small group of students or at least friends and colleagues. It is advisable to do this anyway.

Open-ended questions can generate large amounts of data that can take a long time to process and analyse. One way of limiting this would be to limit the space available to students so their responses are concise or to sample the students and survey only a portion of them.

Respondents may answer superficially especially if the questionnaire takes a long time to complete. The common mistake of asking too many questions should be avoided.

Students may not be willing to answer the questions. They might not wish to reveal the information or they might think that they will not benefit from responding perhaps even be penalised by giving their real opinion. Students should be told why the information is being collected and how the results will be beneficial. They should be asked to reply honestly and told that if their response is negative this is just as useful as a more positive opinion. If possible the questionnaire should be anonymous.


Face-to-face interviews may be quicker to conduct than questionnaire surveys because it is not necessary to add time to account for mail delivery and for the respondents to turn their attention to the questionnaire. A major advantage is that they allow more opportunity to assess the respondent’s understanding and interpretation of the questions and to clarify any confusion that arises about the meaning of the question or the response. They also allow the opportunity to present material to respondents and obtain their reactions. For example, face-to-face interviews have been used to assess the meaning that non-literate subjects attach to symbols. For these reasons, face-to-face interviews are useful for pilot-testing mail-out questionnaires

Face-to-face interviews can be useful in dealing with certain situations that pose challenges for mail-out questionnaires. They are generally better suited than mail or electronic questionnaires with respondents whose reading and writing skills may not be adequate for the questions being asked. They may also be helpful when sensitive information is being sought. Interviewers may be able to establish a relationship of trust with the respondent and be better able to solicit answers to questions which respondents may otherwise be reluctant to answer or to answer truthfully.

Where less is known about the way in which respondents think about an issue or about the range of possible answers to a question, structured interviews create the opportunity for interviewers to ask supplementary questions, when needed to obtain adequate answers.

What I have learn so far for this project

I could say there is lot of things that I need to learn, basically what I have learn in theory is different from the reality, I conducted lot of interviews and tried to handle people out there in terms of negotiation, handling lot of works that need to be done. Back in Brunei I just did simple planning, organising, negotiating and other due to network I have in my country. However organising event at different country such as here in United Kingdom taught me lot of things such as plan well in advance, do market research, creating a huge marketing strategies, prepare proper budgeting with contingency plan, risk management and allocation of the venue. Moreover this gave me much experience that I needed in future in order to organise this kind or any kind of event, not only depending on theory but form the experience that we learned.

What is next for my event?

My mission was to organise as much event as I could while the market and opportunities is there for me such as organising sports event, not depending on football. 26th February 2011, I organised paintball competition in west midland for Bruneians from all over United Kingdom in conjunction with our independent day. I used the market research that I made previously base on my 1st event in London and the network that I have from the previous event. This gave me opportunity to contact them and market our event for our paintball competition. The responds that I established from the previous event is same as the responds for our paintball competition. For marketing section I told my committee to use the advantage of social networking strategies to promote as well as using our society page to market our event to the other societies mentioning there was an event in Birmingham. Apart from social networking, we used video and poster in order to attract the potential participants to join this event. For my next event, I am planning to organise a futsal completion called inter-government futsal competition that will be held in Brunei this coming July. This will be my opportunity to establish my reputation as event organiser. Apart from the event, I will also conduct a market research base in Brunei by using both interviews and questionnaire.

Recommendations from the past event (5 a-side football competition futsal)

I could say there is lot of thing that we need to revise and improve for the sake of our future events. As organizer we have to make sure that the satisfaction from the participants is a priority.

Location for our past event should be in-door since the weather was snowing during that period, this is because we got several dissatisfaction from the participants and audience due to the cold weather.

Contingency plan is needed for the future events since the participants and audience voice out their disagreement due to the venue situation. I didn’t realize how important it is until I interview some of the participants and audiences. By that I told them that it won’t happen again in future.

Time line need to be draft for this kind of event because from the evaluation feedback it has to be on time. In view of the fact that the time table was not been followed, in the end bad impression was towards the event. So in future time line is needed to make sure the event flows according to the time given and planed.

As organizer we need to be aggressive towards marketing to attract more participation from the Bruneian to participate in any kind of event that we organize in future. The most important is to use all networks and publicity to ensure the awareness is there for the participant as well as people out there.


It was a fine event that I organized during the winter last year on the 19 December 2010. However there is lot of things that I need to research on and learn from my past event such as the participant’s attitudes, marketing, budgeting, risk management, contingency plan and all the important aspect in event management. On the other hand I am glad that this event helps me to improve my skills in organizer this kind of event and to take all event factors into consideration in order to make a successful event in future.

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