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The politics community

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The Politics Community al affiliation: The Politics Community Political interference incidences are largely associated with developing countries compared to developed countries. There has been a lot of political interference among countries which can be attributed to several factors. For one, the increasing investment of developed countries in the developing countries has created a lot of interference in the political structure. For instance, the World Bank has argued that, banks in developed countries are likely to invest in the developing countries with weak institutions with an aim of exploiting them (Michaels, 2002). This interferes with the political structure of institutional development in the developing countries as these institutions still need support. Increased interdependence among countries has led to political interference among countries. For instance most of the developed countries’ political organization is determined by the donor countries. There is a tendency of the donor countries threatening to stop their donations if their beneficiaries support not their governance mechanism (Michaels, 2002). Foreign countries have also influenced the political operations of developing countries as they are required to adhere to certain requirements in order to maintain good relations with the former. For instance some countries have been required by the United States to send their troops to fight in countries grappling with political instability. This case has happened between Uganda and Somali whereby the Ugandan troops had to interfere with the political structure of Somalia. Countries have also interfered with each other’s politics due to resources endowment. For instance the action of the United States on the countries in the Middle East was greatly influenced by its interest in oil according to Michaels (2002). The United States has tried to legitimize its actions as well as redefine the doctrine of the Middle East countries. Reference: Michaels, W. (2002). No greater threat: America after September 11 and the rise of a national security state. New York, NY: Algora Publishing.

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