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The last kodak moment

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Discussion Questions: The Last Kodak Moment? Affiliation Discussion Questions: The Last Kodak Moment What did the author of the article intend to communicate to the audience?
2. Has the message been communicated effectively?
3. What were the key issues/arguments discussed in the article?
4. How will you review the article in order to accomplish the reading goals and gain sufficient knowledge?
5. Was the author biased when explaining Kodak’s dilemma?
6. Given your background knowledge in technology and photography, how would have Kodak approached the change process?
7. Do you agree with the author’s claim that Kodak has failed to adjust adequately?
8. Assume you have been hired as Kodak’s new CEO and after a few months, you discover the letter written to them by Mr. Matteson. After checking through the files you realize what he suggested was no implemented. What steps will you take?
9. Do you see Fujifilm forcing Kodak to exit business? Why?
10. How will you best describe Kodak’s predicaments? Explain your approach will differ from the author’s ideas.
11. Assume that you are Kodak’s new HR manager. Explain the steps you will take to initiate effective change process without affecting people and business operations.
12. How does companies prepare for organizational change? What company between Kodak and Fujifilm prepared well for the change?
13. After reading and understanding the article, do you agree or disagree with the ideas discussed in the article? Explain.
14. How did technology help or rather hinder growth of Kodak and Fujifilm companies?
15. Apply the case of Kodak and Fujifilm by precisely explaining how technology has affected other industries.

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