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The is usd 37,622 and about 1.09%

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The UAE hasprovided aid to countries suffering from natural disasters and is amongst theleading aid providers in the world. The UAE has spent over AED 30 billion inthe past 2 years and has climbed up to the 14th position on theglobal happiness index. The GDP per capita is USD 37, 622 and about 1.

09% of theGNI (gross national income) is spent to provide aid. In this fastest growing refugeeemergency, more than 600, 000 Rohingya’s have migrated since 25thAugust 2017. This population included a vast majority of women and children. The UAE has been extremely disturbedby the act of injustice against the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. The countryhas actively participated in all meetings held by the organizers to providecomforts to the affected impacted by the injustice. Amongst them were The OICmeeting held in Kuala Lampur, UN meeting in Geneva and others to name. The UAE has emphasized the need forthe international community to react to the increasing humanitarian crisis andto find ideal solutions to them. It has also donated about AED 7 million forthis crisis.

The UAE has condemned the event and has asked the Myanmargovernment to shoulder their responsibilities and duties by stopping violence. The ministry has also spoken aboutthe consistency of the tragedy regarding it as a completely unacceptable event. With such a slow response from the government, the UAE believes that the crisismay never end. It also praises Bangladesh for its humanitarian stance in whichabout half a million people have fled to the country. The Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammedhas also commanded for theconstruction of an open air bridge from Dubai to Bangladesh to provide therefugees with aid and relief material. There have been six successful airliftsof aid supplies to Dhaka.

Over 550 metric tons of relief material worth US$ 2, 308, 600 (Dh8, 479, 718) has been transported in the six shipments of Air Bridge.  The material provided in the aid include food, family tents, safety kits, utensils, sanitary napkins and others as thepriority items were meant to reduce the physical hardships of the refugees. About 230, 000 Rohingya refugees who fled thewar torn Myanmar were benefitted by these relief supplies. They all currentlylive in dreadful humanitarian conditions in tents and temporary houses and lackall the basic necessities such as food and shelter. Anothershipment was sent to Bangladesh providing relief supplies worth AED 1. 22 millionto the Rohingya refugees.

Utensils, cooking supplies and tents were thepriority supplies in this shipment. AED 26 million worth of goods weighing 1, 541metric tonnes has been transported only from Dubai alone. These shipments havesupported about 350, 000 refugees seeking refuge in Bangladesh’s Cox Bazar. Toprovide food, medical supplies and logistic support there are many reliefefforts organized in UAE with World Food Programme (WFP), World HealthOrganisation (WHO) and Emirates Red Crescent being the major contributors. UAE’s contribution to the refugees is not restricted to this only as the useof his private 747 aircraft with additional air transport missions beingconducted through C130s and 757s as needed has been authorized by SheikhMohammed. UAE has completely allowed the refugees to take shelter in the UAE and closeto 50, 000 Rohingya live all around UAE.

The country has also made a perfectsurrounding for these refugees by various acts such as The Burma Islamic centrewhere there are 8000 registered members who all meet occasionally. “ We feelsafe and secure here. There is no racism or intolerance against any community.” said Yusuf Khan who calls Dubai his new homes.

UAE government has also realised the attempts made by Myanmar’s governmentand supports its initiative to promote harmony among all the people ofdifferent races and segments. UAE needs more support and cooperation from other countries to acceptpolicies to deal with these refugees and for a humanitarian cause as it is tobenefit these people suffering in the dire conditions. The delegate wouldfurther like to discuss about this in the committee sessions.

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