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The gizduino manual

The installer will immediately install the driver into the computer system. The installation progress will be displayed as a loading bar which will span a duration of about 20 to 30 seconds to complete. There is the chance occurrence that even after the loading bar has finished and the window has minimized, the program itself might meme not to respond. This peculiar effect is normal, and usually resolves itself within around 30 seconds. If it takes more than around 5 minutes, end the program using task manager and repeat the process again, or repeat it after restarting the computer.

If all goes well, the completion page will appear. Now that we have accomplished the preliminary driver setup, we are left with the setup of the programming application Ordains DID. Before the Ordains DID program can communicate with the Giddying module, the user must first set the number of the COM port assigned to the USB cable. To identify s to which COM port the USB cable is currently attached to, open Start, then the Device Manager. Amongst the great list of devices present in the computer, one should find the ‘Ports’ category.

Expanding on this category scrolls down the list of COM ports under use. The COM port the user should take note of is that which is labeled ‘Prolific USB-to-Serial Comma Port (COMFY. This is the COM port where the Giddying module is attached to. As an example, we will use COMA as shown in the figure above. The user at this point is urged to finally open the Ordains DID program now that we have the COM port umber assigned to the Giddying module! To open the Ordains DID, navigate to the folder extracted from the ZIP file previously mention.

Upon opening the folder named ‘ordains-0021’ by default, search for the file that is highlighted in figure 3 below. O copyright 2011 Double-click on the file to execute the Ordains DID (Integrated Development Environment) program proper. This is where all the programming codes and instructions are made and uploaded unto the Giddying module. These written instructions or program codes are referred to by the “-domino” community as ‘Sketches’ and shall here be also called as such. The Ordains upon execution will at first present a small loading screen and then proceed to the program itself.

The user is here advised to hold all urge to hastily play around with the program as there are still two necessary prerequisites to complete in order to ensure that the user’s creations here are communicated to the Giddying. To do this, go to and click the option ‘Tools’ found at the menu bar Just below the top bar of the program window. Once there, a small list will drop down. Notice that there will result a small amount of lag before the list is scrolled down, and that during this lag the DO (orange LED) links briefly. This is a good sign that the program bears some communication to the COM ports.

Of primary concern are the two options found with the list are ‘Board’ and ‘Serial Port’. First, place the mouse cursor over the ‘Serial Port’ option to open another short list to its right. The list will display various COM ports under use by the computer. We now assign the COM port that we earlier took note of at the Device Manager Window, which is COMA. Once the COMA choice is selected, the ‘Tools’ list window will close. If the user will go to the ‘Serial Ports’ option again, the COMA choice should have a check mark beside it. We now turn to the ‘Board’ option which is again found under the ‘Tools’ menu.

Opening the ‘Board’ sub-list, we will encounter a window with a list of different models and versions of the Ordains modules such as the Ordains Nun or the Ordains Mega. The Giddying module is modeled after the Ordains Decimal with the Teammates. As such, select the ‘Ordains Decimal, Dominative, Anna w/ Teammates, Anna w/ Teammates’. O Copyright 2011 For the user with little to no knowledge at all with the C – based programming language, amongst the best ways to learn is to observe and analyze a simple existing irking program code.

In the Ordains DID we will find such simple works as sample file in the program. To access these sample program codes, while on the Ordains DID click on the ‘File’ menu to open a sub-list of other options. Some of these options have the basic program operations such as ‘NeW; which creates a new blank document, and ‘Open… ‘; which allows the program to open an already existing document. The user will also see an ‘Examples’ category, and if the mouse cursor is placed on it, another list under it will appear containing the different kinds of sample codes made available to the user. T is highly recommended for those users who are new to the Ordains/Giddying modules to first open samples under the ‘1 . Basics’ option (It is common for new timers to use the ‘blinking LED’ program code as a learning basis for coding).

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