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The gamble house

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The Gamble House Introduction The Gamble House, also known as David Gamble House, is one of the America’s largestNational Historic landmarks, a museum in Pasadena, California and a California Historic landmark. Two architect brothers, Henry Mather Greene and Charles Sumner Greener Greene, and their Greene architectural firm designed the Gamble House. However, David B. Gamble, an architect, did Gamble House construction from the Protect and Gamble Company. This paper, therefore, primarily describes the architectural design, origin, purpose and the overall historical content of the Museum and landmark structure of Gamble House located in Pasadena.
Origin of Gamble House
Initially, this structural design was designed as a residential building. David and Mary Gamble first inhabited the Gamble house during the winter months until their sudden deaths in the years 1923 and 1929 respectively. Mary’s younger sister, after their deaths, took control over the house and lived in this house until her death in the year 1943. Cecil Huggins Gamble and his wife, Louse Gibbs Gamble, finally inhabited this house before it was marked a museum in the year 1946 (Peel & Meg 112). In the year 1946, the Gamble house was sold and the buyers thought of a unique restructuring and refurnishing of this house. The interior of this house was made of interior teak and white mahogany woodwork. In the year 1966, Huggins and Louise handed over this house to the city of Pasadena through a joint agreement with the University of Southern California School of Architecture. In the year 1977, there was a historical declaration of the Gamble House as a National Historic Landmark (Peel & Meg 128). Currently, it has become a doctrine that 2 selected 5th year architecture USC students live in the Gamble House with an annual change while ideal fifth year students live in this house full-time.
Purposes of the Gamble House
The Gamble House was purposefully designed for public tours. An hourly docent led tours are available to the public throughout the week in this museum. Educational purposes of this house are also elementary when talking about the purposes for its construction. For instance, architectural design students normally get designing guidelines from this house in relations to their future aspirations as architects. The Gamble House is also a landmark. As an American arts and styles architectural design, this house provides an appropriate landmark view, which is unique from the other American architecture (Peel & Meg 156).
Content or design of the Gamble House largely depends on the season of the year in which this house was constructed. The design style of this house shows a uniquely presented Japanese aesthetics as well as traditional California spaciousness born of the permissive climatic conditions and the available land. The Arts and crafts movement of the American architectural system is largely represented in this house through the use of natural materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The interior is composed of multiple wood kinds; the oak, Port Orford cedar, teak and maple. These structural materials are sequentially placed thus bringing out contrast of colors, grain and tone.
The Exterior and Gardens
The outdoor space was designed uniquely to show the colorful interior spaces. Exteriors porches were used in the second and third-floor bedrooms and were specifically for sleeping and entertainment. The main terrace of this building is relatively beyond an ordinary rare residential façade. Uniquely and exclusively seen external features of this building are bricks paving with planting areas, garden walls made of distinctive boulders and clinker bricks.

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