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The frog prince

*The prince becomes less self-centered and more appreciative and understanding.

*He goes from naïve prince to manipulative frog,
to considerate frog, back to prince*

Servant {Bill}Flat
He’s the very loyal servant and friend of the princeMilkmaidStatic
She does not change a lot because she has the same mindset about love and the princePeasant ladyStatic
She only has one task in mind, and its to get the flowersBrief overall summary of the story: Look at story/prezi summaryComedy?*The play possesses many characteristics of a comedy, such as conflict
and a flawed character who learns from his mistakes. However, the
ending does not restore the characters to their former happiness. How is this story different than a regular story? this story is different than a regular story because it didn’t have an happy ending unlike the other version of the frog and the prince. In that version, the prince ended up marrying the person who kissed him ONTHE FROG PRINCE SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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