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The feeling of happiness

Emotions affiliation Emotions On day one of my emotion log, I had to undergo baptism in a local church. For me and the people around us, we all had a feeling of happiness. In my culture, baptism is one of the sacred procedures one has to undergo before getting to adulthood. Prior to this day, I had so much anticipation for the baptism day to finally come. The happiness mood was evident even in my behavior. In my mind, the feeling was the same. Hours before a special event are usually a normal feeling to be nervous (Ali, 2010). It was a form of gathering to all my close friends and family. However, the baptism ceremony does not exist in some cultures. This difference is mostly based on religious beliefs. In some cultures, a child should not be baptized as it is seen as a form of sacrifice.
At Midday on the third day of recording my emotion log, I had to visit a close relative who is diagnosed with cancer. I knew about the visit a day before and I was sad I had to them in an ailing condition. Everyone in the family and close friends had sad faces and emotionally the mood was very somber. On the day of the visit, no one was expected to be jovial or extremely happy. According to Ali (2010), this could be a sign of mocking the diagnosed person. From my body reaction to my mind, I just felt sorry to see them in that condition. In some cultures, chronic diseases are seen as curses. Individuals suffering from diseases like cancer are viewed as outcasts. These individuals are not supposed to be visited or taken care of.
Ali, A. (2010). Human behavior understanding. New York: Springer publishers.

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