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The entertainment aspects of computers

In a highly evolving world of technology, creative innovations have found their way into the human way of life, with computers considered the most important in the history. A computer is an electronic device designed to accept data and perform both mathematical and logical operations under set regulations on the data while displaying the results at high speed (Rouse, 2005). A computer can sore enormous amounts of information for future reference. Computers utilize hardware and software to achieve data processing capabilities, in which hardware represents the electronic and mechanical equipment while the software is a series of instructions that guides operations and computations. This essay seeks to illustrate the benefits of computers as well as their delimitations.
Computers are credited for their fast computation of complex data and generation of reliable results. In the present days, they have grown to generate enormous processing power, which is capable of handling complex analysis of raw data. For instance, supercomputers have found their application in prediction of weather patterns and other comparison analysis in geographical studies. In turn, this has made work easier for all parties involved where data is compiled, and information displayed in seconds as opposed to traditional data analysis, which would take days to complete. In additions, computers have reduced the enormous load of paperwork involved during such research. This places computers above other modes of data processing in terms of its speed, reliability and accuracy.
Computers play host to a wide range of functions, which are critical in the human life. In that case, computers can handle various multimedia functions ranging from audio to video. This has found its application in schools where computers are used as teaching aids in classrooms as well as other educational institutions. Computer generated models allow students to grasp concepts easily to facilitate their leaning process.
Conversely, computers have heavily influenced means of communication, making it easier while developing new ways through which people keep in touch. With the establishment of computer connectivity via the internet, communication has evolved from electronic mail to video calls to evade the geographical barriers. In addition, development of online communities through social sites fosters connectivity, providing a platform for exchange of information as a means of advocacy (Nauert, 2006).
In medical facilities, computer are used for locate and investigate abnormalities and diseases in patients. In this regard, more accurate and precise diagnosis is made for the betterment of the patient (“ The Advantages and Disadvantages…” n. d). Similarly, entrepreneur has incorporated computers into their business ventures to enhance efficiency, as well as a management tool. Computers aids in various aspects of business such as identification of customers, advertising, handling orders, taxes and payment processing. In addition, computers enhance processing efficiency in manufacturing companies through automation.
However, regardless of the benefits realized from computer application into human life, negative impacts can be felt from the same application. Computers operate based on ‘ junk in junk out’, which demonstrates that the information generated is dependent on the correctness of its input. If false data is fed to the computer, computations will be done using the same to give false information. Computers are known to cause health complications such as the carpal tunnel syndrome and eyesight complications due to prolonged usage and poor posture (Lincoln et al, 2000). Computers usage presents as an addiction, with most people spending most of their time on the same instead of attending to other matters. This is especially so when dealing with the entertainment aspects of computers, which normally has negative impacts on the social life of the affected individual. In addition, computer-related advances have seen an accumulation of electronic waste as only a small percent is recycled. Therefore, regardless of the pros and cons of computers, they remain to be a brilliant invention in the history of humankind with numerous applications in day-to-day life.
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