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The desire of human trafficking

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Compton Saul 2/11/2013 The Desire ofHuman TraffickingHuman trafficking is considered to be the equivalent to modern day slavery. Even judging by the definition, human trafficking has a very negative term. Human trafficking, in many articles, is described as “ the illegal trade of human beings, mainly for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor” (“ Human Trafficking”). Human trafficking is becoming more and more of a problem and it has caught the attention of the UN. The UN is seeing that human trafficking is affecting the economies of countries and is morally wrong.

One of the countries that suffers significantly from human trafficking is the Philippines. History The Philippines has become increasingly vulnerable to human trafficking. This is partly due to the country’s economic difficulty. About 11 million Filipinos work overseas to help theirfamilystill living in the Philippines. A specific reason that Filipinos go overseas is because there are not many jobs in the Philippines. The economy leaves many Filipinos looking for jobs in different places that many believe will give themmoneyto support their family. As a result of this, many female Filipinos are lured into human trafficking.

The females are promised a respectable job to support their families. A typical Filipino led to believe that they are moving abroad to get a good job that will support her family, this trick that led them into slavery Females are not the only individuals who get tricked into human trafficking. Men and children also are involved in human trafficking. According to a human trafficking website, “ women and children are trafficked within the country for forced begging, and for exploitation in the commercial sex industry” (“ Human trafficking”). Filipinos are trafficked from rural areas to urban areas.

In the Philippines, traffickers, in partnership with organized crime syndicates and complicit law enforcement officers, regularly operate through fraudulent recruitment agencies to traffic migrants. “ The workers are often treated withviolence, abuse, inhumane living conditions, nonpayment of salaries, and withholding of travel and identity documents this to leaving them with no way out” (“ Human trafficking”). Historically, the Philippines have no sustainable jobs to maintain a typical Filipino family. This is why human trafficking is dramatically increasing in the Philippines by the factors they face (“ Human Trafficking”). Unemployment

The Philippines have limited jobs to support the Filipino population. Most Families get their income from overseas. This is true is because there are very little jobs available in the Filipino economy. As a consequence, many Filipinos are unemployed and fail to live a reasonable life. Unemployment in the Philippines is more widespread in the urban areas than in rural areas. The in depth reason why is because in rural areas many of the jobs involve agriculture jobs. This makes it easy for the populations that live in rural areas to be employed. Compared to rural resident, the urban population lacks the resources to earn jobs.

This leaves most of the urban population unemployed with no jobs and income. Other factors like population growth andpovertyleaves many families unemployed. The few jobs Filipinos are able to get are not able to support their household, making it hard for them to rely on the job. (“ Trafficking In Persons Report 2012”) The Process of Recruited Victims Human trafficking often begins in the slums of the Philippines. Many of the victims who are recruited are children and women. Traffickers offer good jobs, but most individuals are tricked into to free labor.

This is a reason as to why a typical Filipino is willing to go along with human trafficking. They see this as a ticket way to get away from the slums and to a better life. I emphasize on better life because many Filipino are trying to survive from the poverty they deal with on daily bases. The trafficker strives on the Filipinos hopes and aspirations to hoax the citizen into working for them. Most of the victims are paid up front to show that the traffickers are trustworthy. Female Filipinos are usually promised waitressing jobs, but are manipulated into another form of labor, such as prostitution.

Human traffickers also have a tendency to harass the family, making their daughters or children work for them. No Choices Many Filipino women still continue to go back to human trafficking because they believe there no other choices. The Filipino women, knowing the consequences, still continue to endure the horrible treatment in order to support their family. Many of the females believe that since there aren’t many available jobs, they must continue to endure these bad conditions. Many of the women believe that it’s their only option and that it is the right thing to do in order to help their family.

Since they are limited by jobs, many Filipino women believe this would help their families by having something to provide for them. Filipino women then, as a result, continue to fall prey to human trafficking. Many Filipinos see this as a ticket to a better life where they can escape the economic difficulty. Typical Filipino families have nothing to support their family because they live in poverty. The individuals involved in this human trafficking often bring their daughters or other younger females into the process, solely because they believe that they are doing the right thing in providing for them.

Conclusion The Filipino government understands that human trafficking is an immense problem in their country. The Philippine government and others have tried taking steps in preventing human trafficking. Concern for the help of many Filipinos is prominent because of the labor they have to work for. As stated in the Human Trafficking article, “ the majority of children work as labors and unskilled workers, and are often exposed to hazardous workingenvironmentin industries such as mining, fishing, pyrotechnic production, domestic service, garbage scavenging, and agriculture, especially sugar cane plantations. This news catches the eyes of the government and Filipino organizations that want to prevent harsh acts towards children. One person that tries to limit and prevent human trafficking is CECILIA FLORES-OEBANDA. Ms. Cecilia Flores-Oebanda is the Founder and Director of the Visayan Forum Foundation (VFI) (“ Human Trafficking”). The foundation tries to better the lives of the Filipino citizens who believe they have no choices, and result to human trafficking.

The foundation tries and helps families that live in poverty so that they don’t turn to human trafficking. The foundation understands that it is the people that live in poverty that are tricked or have bondage with human trafficking. To conclude, human trafficking is the modern day slavery. The factors that contribute to human trafficking are poverty, unemployment and economic stability (“ Human trafficking”). These factors are what lead the Filipino population to believe that human trafficking will give them a better life.

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