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The crucible rewrite assignment

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Personal Reflection In the rewrite, I was responsible for Elizabethan character. My partner, John, and chose to create the scene where Abigail is fired from her position as subservient because we both felt there was a lot of room for interpretation. I chose Elizabeth because it seemed like there was a lot that she was holding back throughout the two acts that I felt like I could express for her. “ It is as though she would speak but cannot” (166), Elizabeth holds her tongue far more than she should given her tuition.

This is Just one of the many examples that show why I wished to express Elizabeth more than she ever would herself. “ quietly, fearing to anger him by prodding’ (166) Elizabeth stops herself from angering John by pushing any further. Elizabeth is the kind of person who is so warm-hearted that they can hurt themselves by being as they are. She should’ve pushed John to go to Salem and diverge his information immediately for it would help her in the long run. “ hurt and very coldly… E starts to walk out” (167) Again instead of Jumping into an argument, Elizabeth avoids any confrontation with John. This irks me because she should be expressing her feelings instead of keeping them to herself, something that doesn’t help anyone. My partner and I worked very efficiently together. The only arguments that happened concerned which lines or stage directions were better suited for the scene. The work was evenly distributed between the two of us throughout the assignment.

It only took us about three hours to finish along with some off-topic conversations and snack breaks In between. John was responsible for corrections of the dialogue, typing the finished copy, and turning It In. John worked very well with the tasks he had. I was responsible for creating the majority of the dialogue and writing both the rough draft and final copy (we were under the Impression that a written final copy was what was supposed to be turned In).

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