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The creative mind of ringo starr

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“ I’d like to end up sort of… Unforgettable,” once said musician, Ringo Starr. Unforgettable is exactly where he has ended up. He is best known for being part of the Fab Four, the group known as the Beatles. But despite being part of the most successful band ever, there is much more to know about Ringo.

There would be his tough childhood, joining and leaving the Beatles, the creative mind that has lead to his success, and his contribution to the music world. There is much more to learn than what people think they know about him. First, is to take a look into Ringo Starr’s tough and lonely childhood. He was born Richard Starkey to two parents who shortly divorced after his birth. After Ringo’s mother had gotten re-married, everything seemed to be going fine except for one obstacle: “ Richard was a happy child despite the various hospital visits…” (Drummerworld: Ringo Starr). He did spend a lot of his childhood alone and out of school because of appendicitis, but if it was not for this he would not have received an interest in drumming.

It was there at the hospital where he was given his first drum. As he got to be a teenager he soon became an apprentice at Henry Hunt and Son’s engineering firm. It was here that he met Eddie Clayton and formed his first band: the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group. While changing bands numerous times, he met the Beatles and became close friends with them. After subbing in for their drumming a few times, they decided to take Ringo in as their permanent drummer. Many fans and others were unhappy with this change, but in the end, “ there was a wonderful connection between Ringo’s drumming style and the music of the Beatles” (Drummerworld: Ringo Starr).

He stayed with them until the very end, making a great success. They traveled all over the world and made thirteen albums while together. Unfortunately, like every great band they had to stop at some point. But as the Beatles came to end, Ringo was just getting started. As the Beatles moved on, Ringo continued to live his dream.

Just because the Beatles had ended did not mean that he had to come to an end, too. “ Ringo did not only have a successful career with the Beatles, but also on his solo efforts” (Drummerworld: Ringo Starr). He never let anything stop him. Through his numerous hospital visits and divorce, he kept pursuing to be the greatest musician that he could be. Despite his aging over the years, he still got around and was able to spread his name.

It was incredible what he could accomplish and with who. “ Ringo has worked with many famous and wonderful artists such as Elton John, Harry Nilsson, Peter Frampton, Steven Tyler, Tom Petty, and even Ozzy Osbourne” (Drummerworld: Ringo Starr). To this very day, Ringo is still performing in his All-Starr band. All of these accomplishments did not only affect him, but went onto affect the world. As a result of all of his hard work and performances, Ringo has helped create one of the biggest genres of music which branch out into many others.

This genre being Rock ‘ n’ Roll. It branches out into types such as metal and alternative. With Ringo being part of the “ Fab Four” he made a huge impact on the music world. “ Ringo Starr has been one of the world’s brightest musical luminaries” (The Official Ringo Starr Site: Biography). He even reached out into other forms of art.

Lately, he has been creating abstract paintings. Also, Ringo has even been an actor and is always finding different roles to play. Right after breaking up with the Beatles, he found himself acting in Candy and The Magic Christian (Ringo Starr Biography – After the Beatles). His many band changes and struggles inspire the world to this very day. It shows that if you have a dream, follow it.

Don’t let anything stop you or get in the way. Even his mindset of “ Peace and Love” has spread around the world. It teaches people to settle things peacefully. You don’t have to go into complete war to solve an issue. Ringo Starr’s accomplishments shall be remembered for many years to come if not forever.

In the end, Ringo Starr’s drumming ability has gone from being his own personal gain to the evolution of music. All of this started with his interesting childhood filled with hospital visits and went on even after the Beatles had broken up. His many amazing accomplishments have helped create Rock ‘ n’ Roll which can be seen and heard all over the world. He has helped spread peace and love and now thanks to this music he has created, it will continue to spread for a long time to come. ? Works Cited Castiglioni, Bernard.

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