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The background

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The background Career decision-making is not magic, and it doesn’t happen quickly. No one else can make the decision for you, and this may scare you at first. Always remember to discuss your thoughts freely as this helps you to clarify your own thinking. You must be actively involved in the process – no use letting someone else do the research. It is never too late to start — but is easier if it is not left to the last minute. — decide in haste repent at your leisure! There is no one ‘ ideal’ occupation for you. There may be several occupations that will give you the satisfaction you want from work. It is a common mistake to seek a job which will give you all of life’s satisfaction, for many people a job is just that and they get their life satisfaction from family, sport or hobbies. In all likelihood you will have several occupations during your working lifetime. In the modern economy of today job mobility is very important and gives far greater freedom than a few generations ago when your first job was the only one you ever got and you stayed there for life. The career decision you are making now might not be a lifetime decision but it has to be a good start and should be based on the plan to get as far in the education or training system as you possibly can. Any plan to postpone further education till later in life is not a good idea as you can quickly see if you discuss it with any adult who is trying to balance work, family and education at the same time.

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