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The atomic bomb deadliness

If he would send the troops in, he would be risking hundreds of hosannas of his soldiers, but if he were to drop an atomic bomb, he would only be hurting the Japanese people, not his own men.

The atomic bomb began with The Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project was a six year project where scientist came together and researched and created the atomic bomb. From 1939-1945, the US invested more than $2 billion into this project.

The chief of the project was Robert Oppenheim, who oversaw the project from conception to completion. He, along with other scientist such as David Boom, Leo Sailors, Eugene Wagner, Otto Frisks, Rudolf Perils, Felix Bloch, Nielsen Boor, Emilio Serge, James Franca, Enrich Fermi, Klaus Fuchs, and Edward Teller worked on this project. Once the project was completed, they tested the first successful atomic bomb ATA site in Langford, New Mexico on July 16, 1945. This test was given the codename “ trinity”. The scientists, knowing how bad and powerful this plutonium bomb was, advised Truman not to use the atomic bomb on Japan. Truman needed a way to end the war quickly and ignored what the scientists said and decided to use the atomic bomb on Japan. Truman lived that the bombs devastating power would not only end the war, but also put the US in a dominant position.

Japan’s refusal to surrender is what led Truman to decide to drop the atomic bomb on them. After Trauma’s decision, the US needed to decide where to drop the bombs. They came up with four possible targets: Hiroshima, Koura, Nagasaki, and Niagara. These cities were chosen because they were virtually untouched during the war. On August 6, 1945, the first choice target, Hiroshima, was hit at 5 am. The bomb was given the name “ Little Boy/’ and t exploded 1, 900 feet above the city and only missed its target, the AI Bridge by about 800 feet. Hiroshima population was estimated to be 350, 000 people before the bomb. Approximately 70, 000 died instantly from the explosion and another 100, 000 or more were killed later due to radiation and burns.

A survivor described people as having their skin black from the burns, their hair was gone because it had been burned, and their skin was basically melting off their bodies due to the high temperatures. Of Hiroshima 90, 000 buildings, over 60, 000 were demolished. After the first hit, the SIS assembled another bomb at Titian Island on August 6. On August 9th, the SIS was prepared to bomb Koura, but had to change plans due to the smoke over the city. The captain, Sweeney, changed the course to secondary target of Nagasaki. At 1 1 am, this bomb, known as the “ Fat Man” bomb, was dropped over Nagasaki north factory district at 1, 800 feet above the city. Flash burns from the primary heat waves caused most of the casualties while others were burned when their homes burst into flames.

This bomb took the lives of 42, 000 people and injured 40, 000 more. 39% of all the buildings in Nagasaki were destroyed. The bomb did what it was supposed to and the Japanese emperor, Horopito, announced his countries surrender on August 15, 1945.

The atomic bomb, in the early age of the explosion, produces temperatures of tens of millions of degrees and the light emitted is about ten times the brightness of the sun. During the explosion, different types of radiation are released, which is what gives the atomic bomb its greatest deadliness. Radiation can last for years in dangerous amount. Gamma radiation and neutrons caused thousands of people to get radiation illnesses. This radiation caused certain types of cancer and also caused the effected peoples organs to shut down, causing them to have slow and painful deaths. The scientists, who created the bomb, or anyone for that matter, knew what the radiation would do to the people. That is one of the problems with this bomb. Not only did it destroy an entire city, but it also caused the radiation poisoning which would last years, possibly even centuries.

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