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Technology investigation

Students are busy doing their homework, taking courses, hoping to pass their exams, applying their college now, and nearly every student’s applications are kind same to the professor. In order to be specific and unique, I think It Is a good way to make a personal website, to show them my data, my advantages and my ablest. And also, sometimes you might want to show your new photos and mood to your family and friends, It Is not convenient to draw a poster or write an e-mail to show them, so the best way Is to make a personal e-follow.

Because of I want to make a personal e-follow, so I have to considering these questions below. A. Problem Statement To design my own website, there’s going to be many problems that I have to solve. Question a: How to make a personal website? Question b: What tools can I use for design my e-folio? Question c: What capacity will my website has? (website) Question d: What advantages can I take from other’s e-folio? Question e: What disadvantages are there in other’s e-folio? Question f: Who will be the customer that my website served? Question g: Where can I host my website? Question h: how can I copy my site to the remote server?

Question I: How much space will I need? Question J: How much bandwidth? Question k: What type of services? Question l: Do you want to use a free host or are you willing to pay? Do you want advertisements or not? B. Design Brief I’m going to create an folio. Question m: I would Like to use these software to help me create my personal website: HTML editor, WYSIWYG editors, Graphics Creation Software, Photos, AVIS Video Editor 6. 2, Wax, and so on. My major constraints: I don’t need a huge space to hold my site, I don’t need too much videos and photos, and also I’m Just a student and I don’t have o much money to host or advertise my website. . What is to be accomplished by the design Because of I want to make a website that include all my information and student data, so I intend to make a website that can make my customer know about me. B. The university that I applied. C. Design Specification a. Evaluating what makes a good website 1 . Content (Navigation) The content should be very clear and convenient. It should on the first page, when my customer open my website, they will see the content first. And I should add links on each buttons, and the reader can click a button such as Student data”, so they can go to the link and see my data very quickly.

And also, the content should divide into different categories because it is easy for the reader to find what types of information do they want. 2. Colors: In my personal website, I won’t use bright colors like yellow or hot pink. Because they are very faint and readers can’t see them clearly, they will damage the reader’s eyes, too. I would rather to use a distinct title, and use different colors in different categories. And also, remember do not always use those dark colors either. 3. Font&Size: The font of the word can be random, but if the website is for apply he college, the font should be strict, Just use Times New Roman is okay.

But if the website is for entertainment, such as showing your pictures and moods to your friends, the font can be very funny or cute, like Chalkiest. The size can neither very big nor very small. 4. Use of multimedia: In my personal website, I might put some music player in it. Or otherwise I can put a video in it to introduce myself more and make my website more interesting and more attractive. 5. What grabs a person’s attention: Funny things always grabs people’s attention. So I would like to put some funny pictures, images, or articles on it. . Evaluating already existing portfolios and discussing why you like or dislike the site. . Http:// www. Stableman. Org Actually I don’t like this website. Because it Just to simple and there are no decorations in it. There are Just many information that is hard to understand. Before I read through it I already lose my interest so I closed it. 2. Http://www. Carryall’s. Com I think this website is quite good. On the top it show us who is the websites owner. And there are some links buttons that we can click and see his information. Down the bottom there are something about him and his belief. This website is very clear and simple, I like it’s style. 3. Http://www. Mansions. Com I think this website is kind fair, cue the introduction and buttons are very clear, and the picture is quite funny. I don’t like this website because there are no pictures in it and the maker only put his words on it. There are no decorations and colors. Readers might feel boring and have no interest in this website, it’s too serious for me. 5. Http://www. Franciscans. Com This website uses a fun, colorful design with hand-drawn elements. The header includes a picture of it’s owner, and the main content area of the front page is in a log style. 6. Http://]infrared. Et This website uses a repeating background pattern, some watercolors effects, and a creative header. The end result is a personal site that makes a great impression. The main content area includes a brief bio, and blob content follows. And also it contains a video which can grabs the reader’s attention. C. Evaluate the content for different portfolios. What are key differences between a student portfolio and an adult portfolio? In my opinion, numbers and number 6 are teenagers or student’s portfolio. And the rest of them are adult’s portfolio. For student’s website:

Pros: Student’s portfolios are colorful, bright, and full of energy. Their header often contains some pictures. Their website always contains some videos, and their recent photos. And also, their website usually contains a music player. Cons: But unfortunately, I think they didn’t have a clear topic and some significant information, they were Just for entertainment. For adult’s website: Pros: They were very clear, full of useful information and knowledge. Cons: Adult’s portfolios are simple, clear, but boring. Their header are always their name, and there are always many words in their website.

I think most of them will not grab my attention. D. Where can I host my website? 1. Http://www. Web. Com/landing/weaverbirds. Asps? Trait= seemed XSL do&promo= bsll maim 2. Http://www. Consumer-rankings. Com/hosting/# e. How much space will you need? How much bandwidth? What type of services? Do you want to use a free host or are you willing to pay? Do you want advertisements or to put all my information and photos or videos on it, so I think I might only a 1. MM space for my website. Actually I don’t know how much bandwidth do I need, I Just need a suitable and enough bandwidth.

Absolutely I want a free host, but in the other side, if I choose an expensive host, I think the quality of my website will be increase. So I can choose a free host or I can pay either. It depends on the service and quality. I don’t want advertisements cause I’m still a student, and my website is just a apply to my dream college or my personal space, so I don’t need advertisements. Also, I can start with a free one and as I get closer to applying for schools or Jobs I can think about paying for the hosting so that it looks more professional. . List all my requirements . Clear contents Colors 2. Suitable Music .

Big and clear title 4. Real photos and videos 5. Clear self introduction 6. Good design 7. The limits of my design g. . GIF pictures: GIF pictures which means the moving pictures. The first reason I don’t need them on my website is because I don’t know how to make them. And the second reason is GIF pictures take too many spaces. 2. Too many videos: I don’t need too much videos because, first it will take too much time to loading them. Second if you put so much videos on your website, they might play together and it will be so complicated, the music of them will mix together and will be very chaos.

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