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Tea shop

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In recognition of the great albeit highly varied demand for tea in this parts of the country, this plan seeks to describe the strategies that will be used to ensure the success of the tea shop that falls within the highly competitivefoodbusiness market. The business’ primary objective will be to provide high quality tea to customers who have widely varying tastes and preferences at affordable rates and in a highly comfortableenvironment. The Mission of the tea shop will be to provide the best quality tea to the sensitive tea connoisseur in real time.  In essence the tea shop will seek to provide convenience to the customer and a better alternative to thefast foodoption while at the same time offering attractive compensational packages to all its employees.

Operating Strategies

It is worthy to note that the strategies highlighted in this section are virtually similar to those applied in all successful food service businesses and do not necessary add up the cost of operations. In order to achieve success in the tea shop business, the following points will be emphasized.

·                The tea shop will be strategically located in high traffic areas to capture the attention of potential customers.

·                The best in quality products will be prepared on site and will generally include different varieties of tea and complimenting pastries with consistent flavors.

·                Service will only be done using sparkling clean premium serving equipment

·                All the tea shop workers will serve clients cheerfully, skillfully, professionally and articulately.

·                In order to maintain and possibly improve the organization’s high reputation, aggressive marketing strategies will be adopted while simultaneously integrating high level corporateresponsibility.

Business products and services

Among the products that the business will sell include a variety of Organic /Herbal teas and complimenting pastries that are preferred by different groups of visitors. More specifically tea products will include China teas, earl grey tea, Indian teas, Ceylon teas, Blends of different teas; green, oolong, black and white which are caffeinated or decaffeinated, and either spiced or plain.

Complimenting foods will include fresh baked pastries such as queen cakes, doughnuts, bread and buns among others. Other beverage drinks will also be provided.  Beverage products will be served hot, warm, cold of frozen as will be desired by the individual client. Other tea accessories will be provided for clients who have specific preferences.

Market and competitors

A thorough research in the neighborhood reveals a number of competitors who enjoy certain advantages with their well established cafes. The tea shop will seek to capitalize on any weaknesses demonstrated by its competitors in order to steadily rise above competition. Quality will be core in customer service at all times and product pricing will be thoroughly analyzed to offer competitive pricing of products.

Sales and marketing strategies

Marketing of any business and its products plays an invaluable role in the overall performance and success of the business. Marketing notably for its importance comes, however, at a price. This cost is however justifiable and must be incurred for the betterment of the business. The tea shop will be advertised through posters, word of mouth, radio, and television. The business will also use its website to gain international reputation beyond the borders of geographical boundaries.

Business employees

Business employees play a most significant role in the operation of a business. The tea shop will employ highly qualified personnel who will be recruited after strict scrutiny. Tea shop will employ an initial staff comprising six workers; a general manager, one two chefs, an accountant, and two service agents. With constant business growth, other employees will be employed to meet rising demands.

Each employee will be given compensation commensurate with individual skills, experience level, and level of productivity. Commissions will be given to workers for extra output the business generates. This will act as an incentive that will produce positive response leading to even greater business productivity.

The business activities and all employees will be expected to work within the existing laws of the country. The tea shop will adopt a SBO-401k plan which has high contribution limits and is more attractive to small businesses.

Table 1: Projected monthly employee basic salary

Employee Title
Basic Salary in USD
General manager

3, 000
2, 000
2, 500
Service agents
1, 800

Total Pay
8, 300

According to research carried out concerning the food service business in the region, the tea shop will be able to accumulate an annual net profit of USD 680, 000 part of which will be reinvested to make the business grow.


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