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Swimming pools

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HOUSING AND HABITABILITY SWIMMING POOLS Beaches are one of the best ways to relax and release all the tensions. After a hectic work during weekdays every human being would love to relax all his/her muscles and burn out the stress. Having fun and relaxing the muscles is the best way to release the stress. In US there are many beaches like Miami, Minnesota, etc. Sometimes going to beaches is considered dangerous. The reasons are accidental intrusion of sharks and sometimes-strange behavior of birds like seagulls etc. One of the reasons of avoiding beaches is fecal contamination.
How beaches are contaminated
There are many reasons for beaches being contaminated. ” Fecal contamination occurs due to improperly constructed and operated septic systems and sewage treatment plants, manure spills, storm water runoff from lands with wildlife and pet droppings, or direct contamination from waterfowl, livestock, or small children in the water” (Iowa Department of Natural Resources). Other reasons are the presence of pathogens in the intestines of warm-blooded animals including human beings.
How fecal contamination is identified
The best way to identify fecal contamination is to use indicator bacteria. Escherichia coli or E. coli and Enterococcus sp. are the indicators used by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) office to identify fecal contamination in seas, lakes, ricers, etc.
Types of illnesses caused by contaminated recreational beach waters
The indicator bacteria, which are used to identify fecal contamination don’t make anyone sick. They are found everywhere in the environment. Presence in high levels of these indicators indicates that has come into contact with fecal material and pathogens or disease causing organisms may be present. Diseases like Diarrhea may be the result when anyone comes in contact with the contaminated water. Illnesses like sore throat, vomiting, sinus infections, stomachache, fever, headache and other skin related diseases might be caused due to the fecal contamination.
Monitoring beaches
One of the difficult tasks for every health organization is to monitoring the beaches. The beach monitoring advisory committee and Environmental Protection Agency has issued certain instructions that should be followed by everyone. Swimming in lakes, seas, rivers, etc., involves risks. Drowning is common in these waters sometimes lack of lifeguards increases the difficulties in monitoring the beaches.
Proper care should be taken before entering the water. Advisory signboards should be read before adventuring into waters. Instructions given by EPA and beach monitoring agencies should be strictly followed. They are made to caution the citizens of the hazards involved in contaminated water.
Iowa DNR/IGS. Frequently Asked Questions about Beach Monitoring.
Iowa: DNR, 2000. 23 Mar. 2006. http://wqm. igsb. uiowa. edu/activities/beach/FAQ. htm –>

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