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Supply chain design paper

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The factors that are important in maintaining a retreat relationship with suppliers is to know the history of the supplier and the suppliers environment. For example, the company’s expectations of quality, on time delivery, the competition that they have, and the effectiveness of their delivery techniques. With Ordain manufacturing the goods based on customer order the supplier has to be one that is trustworthy with the reputation to get the product to the customer in a timely manner. Ordain uses large suppliers like UPS, Federal Express, and DEL.

These are some of the largest suppliers in the business with a DOD reputation of getting the products to the customer in tip top shape and on time. In order to respond effectively to demand Ordain realizes that exports of goods are a good option for maintaining flexibility in response, even though dealing with companies from overseas could cause some uncertainties in the relationship. According to Supply performance, ” using custom built reports and dashboards, supplier relationships can be maintained and nurtured to ensure your supply chain can be world class.

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