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Summer of my german soldier

Why where the Nazis coming to Jenkinsville? The Nazis came to Jenkinsville because they are going to the prison near by. Why was Patty disappointed upon seeing the Nazis? She thought that they were going to look different, like all dirty or something. What is a Victory Garden? The victory garden was kind of like a farm. There is food growing there. Who is Ruth? Ruth is a house maid. Who is Robert? Robert is Ruth’s son. Who is Sharon? Sharon is Patty’s sister. What was Patty’s lie? Patty lied about one of the Nazis escaping. What does Patty’s father hate about taking favors? Her father hates taking favors because he doesn’t like to be obligated. Why was it OK for Sharon to take money from Grandma? It is ok for Sharon to take money from Grandma because she is young. How does Patty tell how grown up Grandma thinks she is? Grandma decides to take Patty out to shop at a mall like a mature girl. What did Grandma say was the difference between Pearl and her brothers? Grandma said that the difference between her and her brothers is that they always liked whatever they got, but Pearl never liked anything once it was hers. Why did the POWs come to the Bergen’s store? The P. O. Ws came to the store o buy straw hats for working out on the field. What was different about Reiker? Reiker could speak both English and German. What did Anton buy at the Bergen’s store? Anton bought a pencil sharpener, 6 pencils, and 3 stenographic pads. (And a pin)What was Patty’s lie to Sister Parker? Patty told Sister that Anton hated Hitler because he killed his mother and father and that was not true because Anton’s parents are still alive. Who was Edna Louise? Edna Louise was the daughter of the richest man in town. How did Patty try to punish Edna Louise? Why? Did it work? I think she punished Edna Louise by saying that she had to go home now. And it doesn’t work. What is Patty’s only admitted ambition? To know every work in the dictionary. Who does Sharon look like? Sharon has black hair and dark eyes and she looks like her mother. What did Patty and Freddy play, and what was the result of their game? Freddy and Patty were playing Hit the Hubcap/Hit the Oilcan and Patty hit a glass window of a car. What was different about the way Ruth sings? Ruth didn’t sing neck up unlike the other people she knew and her voice came from the heart. How did Patty’s father react to the broken car window? Patty’s father beat her with is hand and a leather belt. Why is Saturday Patty’s favorite day of the week? Saturday is Patty’s favorite day because her father hires extra salesladies, and he never says a word when she pitches in to help. Working makes her feel useful. Why does Patty not what to go to Mrs. Reeves’ place? She doesn’t what to go to Mrs. Reeves because she only ever fixes up dead ladies’ hair and they never complain. What was the reason that Patty gave Mrs. Reeves for not going to the Baptist Training camp? Patty told Mrs. Reeves that she did not go the Baptist camp because they have mosquitos and black Moccasin Snakes more than other place. What was Patty’s opinion of Sharon? Patty thinks that Sharon is does not know enough words. What did Patty do to the ” hide out”? Patty cleaned and fixed up the hide-out. What did Ruth do to Patty’s hair? Ruth cut all the permanent curls in Patty’s hair off. Who did Patty see running to the train? Patty saw Anton running across the rail-way road. How did Anton react to Patty saying his name? Anton told Patty not to blurt it out because anyone could hear it and figure out he was a German Soldier. How did Anton escape from prisoner of war camp? He bribed a guard with the fake diamond pin he bought at the Bergen’s store and the guard promised not to tell anyone. How did Anton react when he found out that Patty was Jewish? Anton was shocked that a Jewish girl would risk it all on a German soldier. Who was the POW escapee about whom the townspeople were talking? The townspeople were talking about Reiker, the escapee. What did Mr. Blakey think was working in the United States? Mr. Blakey thought that there was a Nazi underground working in the USA. What were the FBI agents doing in the Bergen’s store? The FBI agents were in the store to investigate the escape of the prisoner (Anton). What did Patty tell the FBI agent was most unusual about Reiker? Patty told the FBI that the unusual thing about Anton what his politeness. Who was Charlene Madlee? Charlene Madlee was from Commercial Appeal. ONSUMMER OF MY GERMAN SOLDIER SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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