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From the panopticon to Disney world Disney world is an American playground that combines a sense of comfortwith innovative technological advancements. However, to an expert it is an ideal of modern private corporate policing. There are constant reminders to the visitors take precautions of themselves and their company, employees are friendly and one is kept informed in case of inconveniences. Control is established with the use of friendly voices, the use of Disney images to ensure more visitors and the use of Disney characters to entice children. The world reflects on the American values and the features reflect apositive view of the capitalist America. The world is equipped to handle large crowds and prevent potential trouble that may arise by the constant instruction, physical barriers and surveillance. Control strategies are entrenched in the environmental features like fountains and structural relations like the employees helpful nature, objects are aesthetics as well as functional. The result is the world is able to control its visitors while maximizing on profits. The control is seen through physical coercion and threats to be deprived of the pleasures of the facility. Its power of control shows one is willing to tolerate harsh conditions if they think it is for their best interest. Discipline is when people are seduced into conforming by the pleasures offered to them and is a form of control (Garth 355-361).
The goals of a maximum security prisons is to lock away the bad. There are those offenders that are mentally ill and the author seeks to address whether they should be made accountable for their activities while in a prison environment. There are various challenges faced by prisoners and prison staff, this is seen in the daily assertions of authority and resistance between the two. The prison staff will struggle to do their work without losing their souls and some of the prisoners will express their frustration by injuring themselves or human waste. There is always a disagreement between officers and psychiatrist on the mental health of prisoners. The closure of public psychiatric hospitals led to prisoners with mental health problems being taken to supermax units and this poses a problem. Isolation in these units sometimes makes the prisoners depressed and indifferent. The tight control imposed on the prisoners is then expressed through aggressive behavior towards authority (Garth 361-373).

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