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Stress disorders

21 March Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms: Recently, my friend came back from Iraq. He has been in Iraq for over three years. Since the tine of invasion in Iraq, he has been through many traumatic experiences. I only came to know about that as he would love to narrate the experiences to anyone who would show the slightest interest to listen to his stories. Among many of the dreadful experiences, one was that in which he was driving with his two siblings, and they got shot by a soldier, while he managed to escape. Since then, he is having nightmares about that incident. I have spent quite a lot of time with him and have known him since childhood. He used to be a very present minded person, and was quite optimistic in his approach in every matter. But now, that he is back from Iraq, I see him as a completely changed person. Quite often, he gets lost and mentally disconnects himself from the company while physically being there. He remains pre-occupied with premonition of the incident in which his siblings got shot. He is obsessed with the dreadful memories and can not help thinking about them. The incident has altogether sapped his optimism. Instead, he has gone on the opposite pole of the scale. He avoids driving, though he is one of the finest drivers I have ever known. Despite knowing how to drive, he has kept a driver, and deems himself unfit for driving. The incident has shattered his personality altogether, and he may take years to compose himself.

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