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Strategy and operational effectiveness

Explain in your own words what is the difference between Strategy and Operational Effectiveness. The difference is that Operational Effectiveness meaner performing similar activities better and faster than the rivals, by having total quality management and continuous improvement; it’s ever evolving, meaning that OWE can change a lot in Just a matter of days or weeks.

While with a Strategy, it something that will take you months in order to execute it, since you will have to create your own different activities, have an insight and to be creative, instead of Just doing what the others are doing, and all these activities (the creation of the product, the price, the market research etc. ) will have to work together in order to be unique and hard to imitate. 2. Do you agree with the author’s point of view?

Why or why not? Yes I agree. OWE is necessary but not sufficient, thus I think they actually complement each other. Just having OWE is not sufficient because these days its becoming easier for other competitors to copy or imitate your companies activities, thus making your competitive advantage only temporary. And this is why you have to establish a difference from your rivals that can be preserved.

If you want to perform similar activities better than your rival of course you can, but after you do that there is more to come. What stopping the same rival to imitate what you’re doing in a better way? It’s like a cycle. So what you have to do is come up with something different, something unique and hard to imitate, something that makes your company different. 3. According to your experience, what position do you think Comb’s in Nicaragua are standing on? Explain.

I think some small Nicaragua businesses are, in a way, trying to position themselves on variety, trying to offer a unique product or service that will make them different from their other competitors, trying to do something different that the competitor has not done yet, but in the end I feel like they end up in a cycle of imitation. And of course there are businesses that have needs-based positioning and access-based positioning, by trying to target special groups of customers and by trying to reach their customers in a special way. Example. Tutu. Com. In Strategy and Operational Effectiveness By Yucatan

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