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Steryotypes of teenagers

I am writing to inform you about how I feel when I see certain articles that have been published in your newspaper. Most of these articles are about teenagers with a lot of negative coverage. I hope through this letter that you will understand what so many teenagers feel when reading the negative articles that YOU publish. Hopefully, after this letter you won’t ever stereotype anyone without full information about them again. It was just last week that I was reading a copy of ‘ The Sun’ when my eyes focussed on this one article, it was titled ‘ Jeremy’s ‘ Happy Slap’ Ordeal’.

My eye then alighted on Jeremy Clarkson’s face, (the guy from Top Gear) and that I think just spurred me on to read more. I didn’t really know what to expect but honestly I had no idea this was about teenagers. Whilst reading this article I realized something was wrong. Usually when you have an article like this in the newspapers there’s always two points of view. Normally the two parties or persons involved have a say, but this particular article shows extreme bias.

We simply hear Jeremy’s point of view and leave the teenagers opinions unheard. Personally I think this is very unfair, when journalists do things like this, it’s not right; it’s actually very sly and manipulative. You instantly portray Clarkson as ‘ our man… the victim’ and the others as ‘ a gang of teenage thugs’. How are reader’s going to have a balanced view of the situation, when this is how you set the article up? There is one quote in the article about police which I am angry about, which is “ the police?

Oh come on they are too busy filling inhealthand safety forms and processing speeding fines”. This quote irritates me dramatically because frankly it’s not true. The, I see them police are not too busy with speeding fines or health and safety forms. I always see police when I go out dealing with young drunk men or people brawling in the street. This tells me that Jeremy was wrong about the police. Jeremy Clarkson has obviously been brainwashed by the media.

He’s just making assumptions about stuff, like most famous people do, because unlike some people he doesn’t have the decency to go and talk to teenagers and find out the truth, or maybe there aren’t any brains in his head. Either that or HIS parents didn’t bring him up properly. His parents probably didn’t teach him basic manners and he doesn’t know what being polite is. Interestingly enough, as I was reading on I noticed how conceited and arrogant he was when discussing the parenting skills of these teenagers.

Jeremy states that ‘ Nothing can be done about the parents because they are too thick’. Yes, he is attempting to be humorous, but there is truth, in his eyes, in what he is saying and it is offensive! I strongly disagree with him because parents have the intelligence to do anything for their kids and help them through their lives. I was actually very enraged at this, I can tell you that my parents are NOT and I repeat NOT thick. Rather they are very intelligent because to raise a baby into a grown female/male with basic manners and high morals takes a lot.

I can understand why he is thinking like this because he didn’t have a very happy ending of the encounter with the teens but common who needs all of the aggression? He starts off by branding teenagers as brutal thugs who love drink a lot of cider and love to stab passers-by. When i read this i feel really outraged that he has the audacity to say such things, I mean how the hell does he know all teenagers are like this. I can confirm to you that i am a teenager and me and my friends don’t drink vast quantities of alcohol or love to stab passers-by as a hobby.

I have to say he is being really ignorant because he’s trying to make teenagers look all violent and what’s really weird is that the teens didn’t touch him but he just thought he’d just grab the ringleader by the scruff of his neck. Now what do you call that? I say that’s what you would call a ‘ middle age thug’. Now there is no way you can disagree with me he was the aggressor there, he just assumed it was ok to enforceviolenceon a group of teens who hadn’t even touched him.

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