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Speech critique assignment

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SPEECH CRITIQUE This paper will critique the speech Questions of Culture delivered by a graduate of Richmond University in 1996. The speakers name is Sajjid Zahir Chinoy. This critique will focus on the organization, content and delivery of the speech. INTRODUCTION Sajjid started the speech in a very interesting way. He used an anecdote to start off the speech; this method was effective because it grasped the attention of the audience.

Many of the audience members could relate to Sajjids personal experience which he related at the beginning, he told the story of what it was like for him leaving his family behind in Bombay and venturing into an experience of uncertainty. I think this showed a sense of organization and importance to the issue of why he was there. From the commencement of the speech Sajjid set a personal and comfortable tone. He spoke to the graduates on a level of equality using phrases like “ maybe it’s because we know…. ” and “ our experience is no different from….. This was an effective strategy of grasping the maintaining the audiences’ attention. He then proceeded to the body of the speech. He specified the central theme of the speech which was, “ in spite of cultural differences we are inherently the same. ” Sajjid then defined and focused the central idea: “ could different cultures come together to reinforce moments of human interaction and relationships. ” A problem-solution issue arrangement was used as he identified the problems with our society and the principles, such as understanding, sensitivity and open-mindedness, he felt can resolve this conflict.

Sajjid used statistics as supporting material when he stated that in Bosnia between 1992 and 1996, 300, 000 people were slaughtered, and in Bombay 2, 000 Hindus and Muslims died. In Africa 1, 000, 000 Hutus and Tootsies lost their lives. Illustrations were used as he related some his own experiences to the audience. Sajjid did a good job developing the central idea; they were well developed and balanced. Transition sentences were also used to link each main point to one another. It was very easy for one to follow the speaker’s reasoning throughout the delivery.

He used familiar language that the audience could understand and relate to. In conclusion, Sajjid summarized his points, and his clincher was a dramatic call for the graduates to take with them just a little understanding, sensitivity, open mindedness and empathy on their part which can make a difference between one young boy in Bosnia and one young boy here at Richmond. Overall I enjoyed the speech, I think it was appropriate since it was so encouraging. These graduates are about to embark on a new stage in life filled with fears and insecurities and they need all the advice and encouragement they can get.

CONTENT The topic, Questions of Culture, of the speech was focused and relevant to the audience. It was not too technical but easy to follow. The speech conveyed to the audience a clear and interesting thesis. Many of the points highlighted by the speaker were backed by evidence, which effectively supported the speaker’s claims. He was very original and brought his own personal touch to the way in which he communicated the message. DELIVERY Sajjid gave his speech in a very conversational manner and appeared to use few notes.

His projection was loud, and his voice displayed good variety in rate and pitch. He had excellent eye contact with his audience. Sajjid used natural gestures, and his facial expression revealed that he was genuinely moved as related various experiences. Sajjid had good posture but moved little due to the restraints of the cameras. He used no visual aids but was effective in the use of imagery. He seemed very comfortable during his speech. CONCLUSION Sajjids speech was well organized and delivered expertly. He is a very good speaker, and the audience clearly felt the emotions he conveyed about culture.

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