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Societal effects of the war in iraq

Societal Effects of the War in Iraq The actual definition of war is a fight between two or more groups with conflicting interests. It is this conflict therefore, that causes a fight to break out. This would have been relatively fine if only these parties were fighting in an isolated place. But, this is not the case. War brings with it many psychological, political and economic problems. The worst problem is from which these problems stem out, societal impact of the war. In this paper, I will be discussing the war in Iraq and its societal impact in the light of psychological theories.
This is a deep cause for concern because the worst people affected by war are people who are directly involved in it like soldiers and their families. It is these individuals which create a society. When they see their environment changing so dramatically, they react to it in very unpredictable ways. In the case of the Iraqi civilians, they will develop a deep rooted hatred for any American. American civilians and indeed the rest of the world have seen this situation as an inhumane attempt by their president to capture oil reserves from Iraq.
To make a quantitative understanding of these problems, we can use the attitude measurement technique. Used to measure the change of an object’s attitude towards another, this therefore will help us state the factors which have caused a change in the minds of the Iraqi civilians towards Americans and especially George Bush (Farris, 2002). On the other hand, it will also help us determine the causes for the American and global sympathy for the Iraqi civilians. The simple fact of the matter is that the Iraqi civilians have been through a very traumatic experience. Families have been torn apart and children and women have been murdered in huge numbers. This has created an immense form of hatred in the minds of the Iraqis. The Americans on the other hand, being a very well aware and well educated society, value human life. They see these murders as a valuable loss and they realize that their country which they love dearly, is being tainted and destroyed by the worst socially aware president America has ever seen. (Bohner & Wnke, 2002)
This was the worst societal problem by far in the war in Iraq. Looking at some basic problems like the economy. Huge losses by both sides have resulted in the crippling of the Iraqi economy because it was never strong in the first place. The American economy has suffered much too, especially as stocks went down drastically and the performance of the economy is still not looking as good as it was projected before the war.
Political impact is another threat to promote instability in the countries. Sudden creation of a long list of charges against Saddam Hussain the last president of Iraq and that crippling image of George Bush has made both countries very unstable. George Bush tried to recover his dignity by giving long speeches to convince his killings and then proclaiming a lead in the war on terror. This worked in some aspects as Saddam Hussain was given Capital Punishment for being branded as a notorious criminal.
These and other small factors come together to make a huge impact in the society. Like other wars, both sides have suffered hugely and neither won in the end. The only thing they have acquired, are even more complex relationships.
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