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Social networking and politics

Social Networking and Politics Introduction The key political issue facing Texas is Education. Most of the are dropping out of school because they lack proper funding of their education. In addition, there is a serious risk to students because they do not get access to early childhood education. There is no equitable distribution of qualified teachers in Texas, which makes some students get a better quality of education and others do not as they are no getting qualified teachers.
Position of Democratic Party on Education
Democratic Party has tried to address some issues such that education problem can be improved. Drop out crisis: proper funding of all schools should be initiated to meet the needs of students who are in the risk of dropping out. Early childhood program is expanded such that all students can access to it. This will include provision of universal access to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten education background (Ishiyama 69). This will enable students to get smart and stable background of their education. Students with stable background will not be having problems in their future education.
In addition, adults who dropped out of the education process can access affordable programs, which were created specifically for them to continue with their education. Collaboration was created between school and community to bring social services and education together under one roof (Stiftung 83). This strove to help students and families who are at risk. Qualified teachers should be equally distributed in all parts to bring changes in current practices affecting students who are at risk of being instructed by less qualified and inexperienced teachers. Class size limits: class size limits should be enforced and extended to allow each student to get access and receive necessary individualized attention. This will make public education the highest priority. Experts should be put in charge of curriculum as non-partisans such that they can review any substantive changes to curriculum. The reviewed changes made on curriculum should be made public by the state board.
Position of Republican Party on Education
Republican Party ignored the drop out crisis and did not propose any change or action to improve it. Republican Party also proposed that effective class size limits should be eliminated (Parmelee 134). They did not see any importance of effective class size limits on students and parents. Early childhood development: they oppose early childhood development and pre-kindergarten, as they believed that parents could train their children in their early development. They urged congress to remove government-sponsored programs that dealt with early childhood development. Restriction of Education funding: Republican proposed that the legislature should abolish any property taxes for funding schools. Tax dollars for private schools: the Republican Party urged the legislature and the governor of Texas to initiate child-centered school funding options, which fund the student, direct not the schools and districts. They view this, as it will allow maximum freedom of choice in parochial, private, and public education for all children (Sugiyama 49).
Texans have been longing for a concerned education for their children. When Texas got independent in 1836, they listed many failures of Mexican government to establish any public system of education yet they possessed all the required resources (Chadwick 130). The first public school was to be established was Anglo-American Public Law School in 1840 and provided for setting and surveying 4 leagues of land in each and every county inside support public schools. Education is extremely valuable as it is the background to mould children to grow up and be leaders in different careers, institutions, organizations and even the whole country. Interested groups participate in contributing ideas, assisting fund and encourage students to study such that they will enjoy the fruits of education later. The interests are willing to team up with the party, which addresses all the issues with the hope of improving education. Personally, I am willing to support Democratic Party as it addresses all the issues affecting education for the success of risky students.
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